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Cisco Home Lab Certification Kits

CCNP/CCIE Certification Kit

The CCNP/CCIE Certification Kit is an excellent resource for study towards the CCNP and CCIE exams. With a total of four routers and two switches, including a multilayer Catalyst WS-C3550 switch, plus an ISDN Network Simulator and a complete set of accessories, you have most of what you need to prepare for these difficult exams. You will be able to simulate a wide array of networking scenarios.

The CCIE program (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) sets the professional benchmark for internetworking expertise. Candidates select and prepare for one of the CCIE certification tracks. Then they must pass a qualification exam as well as a hands-on lab exam. The CCIE program is designed to help individuals, companies, industries and countries succeed in the networked world by distinguishing the top echelon of internetworking experts. The program identifies leaders with a proven commitment to their career, the industry and the process of ongoing learning.

The routers featured in this kit include the Cisco 2520 router, with one Ethernet port, one ISDN/BRI port, two high-speed synchronous serial ports, and two low-speed asynchronous/synchronous serial ports. Also included is a Cisco 2503 router, with one AUI Ethernet port and one ISDN/BRI port, plus two high-speed synchronous serial ports. The core of this kit is rounded out with the workhorse Cisco 2501 router, with one Ethernet port and two high-speed synchronous serial ports. All of these routers have console and auxiliary ports. As an added bonus, I've included a Cisco 2509 Access Server/Router. With eight asynchronous serial ports, and an included Octal cable, this router can be configured as a terminal server for all the other Cisco devices in the kit. Instructions for configuring this device are included. The 2509 can also serve as a fourth router in your networking scenarios, with one AUI Ethernet port and two high-speed synchronous serial ports, plus console and auxiliary ports.

This kit also features the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3550 switch. The Catalyst 3550 family of multilayer switches are stackable Ethernet switches to which you can connect workstations, Cisco IP Phones, and other network devices such as servers, routers, and other switches. These switches also can be deployed as backbone switches, aggregating Gigabit Ethernet traffic from other network devices. Complimenting the Cat 3550 is a Cisco 1912 Catalyst switch. This switch utilizes a Cisco IOS user interface, very similar to the IOS interface utilized by Cisco routers. It is my understanding that Cisco will be migrating all of their switches to this user interface over time. These switches support trunking, multiple VLANs, and much more.

Two of the included routers have ISDN/BRI ports. ISDN technology is a major player in today's telecommunication networks, and is covered extensively in the CCNP and CCIE written exams and in the CCIE hands-on lab. I've added a BLink-2 ISDN Network Simulator to this package to allow you to test this technology extensively. This device has two ISDN Basic Rate Interface ports allowing ISDN basic rate terminal equipment (such as the routers included in this kit) to be connected together just as if they were connected through the ISDN network. Any bearer can call any other bearer by dialing user-specified telephone numbers. Configuration is simple using the supplied Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 configuration software. Once configured the BLink-2 may be disconnected from the PC host and used completely independently.

As a special added bonus, purchasers of this Lab Kit receive a prepaid, 6-month subscription to the Certification Zone website. The Study Guides and Practice Exams found at Certification Zone have helped thousands of networking professionals pass Cisco's CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certification exams and advance their networking careers. Included in Certification Zone's Study Guides are professionally developed lab scenario exercises you can complete using this Home Lab Kit.

The complete accessories kit includes cables, adapters, NIC, hub, and all of the other peripheral items you might need to set up a wide array of networking scenarios. Also included is a customized CD-ROM with a large collection of Cisco IOS images plus a tftp server, ftp server, assorted helpful and interesting applications and utilities, extensive device documentation, and much more.


  • 1 Cisco 2520 Router, 16D/16F, Latest IOS Version 12.x Enterprise Edition
  • 1 Cisco 2503 Router, 16D/16F, Latest IOS Version 12.x Enterprise Edition
  • 1 Cisco 2501 Router, 16D/16F, Latest IOS Version 12.x Enterprise Edition
  • 1 Cisco 2509 Router, 16D/16F, Latest IOS Version 12.x Enterprise Edition
  • 1 Cisco WS-C3550 Multilayer Catalyst Switch
  • 1 Cisco WS-C1912 Catalyst Switches with Enterprise Software
  • 1 BLink-2 ISDN Network Simulator
  • 6 Month Subscription to the Certification Zone
  • 3 Ethernet Transceivers (required for adapting AUI ports on 2501's to standard RJ45 connectors)
  • 1 Ethernet 4-Port Hub
  • 1 Ethernet NIC for your PC
  • 2 Cisco Console Cable Kits (required for console access to routers and switch via PC)
  • 4 Cisco Serial Crossover Cable (for interconnection of the routers via the serial ports)
  • 4 CAT-5e Straight-Thru cables w/ RJ45 terminations
  • 3 CAT-5e Cross-Over cables w/ RJ45 terminations
  • 1 Octal cable for terminal server access
  • 6 AC Power cables
  • Cisco 3550 Series Hardware Installation Guide
  • Cisco 3550 Series Software Configuration Guide
  • Cisco 3550 Series Command Reference
  • Cisco 3550 Series System Message Guide
  • Cisco 2500 Series Router Installation and Configuration Guide
  • Cisco 2500 Multiport Installation and Configuration Guide
  • Cisco Catalyst 1900 Series Switch Installation and Configuration Guide
  • Cisco Catalyst 1900 Series Enterprise Edition Switch SW Configuration Guide
  • Cisco Catalyst 1900 Quick Start Guide
  • Cisco Catalyst 1900 Series Switch Command Reference
  • Terminal Server Configuration Guide
  • "Getting Started" Guide for Newbies
  • VLAN Lab Scenario Guide for Two Cisco Switches
  • Customized CD-ROM with TFTP Server, Packet Sniffer, Collection of Cisco IOS images, additional study guides and Cisco documentation, plus much more!

With the equipment in this kit, plus the in-depth coverage of all relevant topics in the included text books and accompanying CD's, you will be able to study and configure all the essential network protocols, such as OSPF, BGP, BGP4, EIGRP, IGRP, RIP and RIP v2, IS-IS, OSI, ODR, PBR, Firewall, IPSEC 56, Cisco Encryption Technology (CET) 56 Bit, AAA, PAP, Committed Access Rate (CAR), NAT, CIDR, ISDN/BRI, Frame Relay, PPP, PVC, SLIP, IP, Novell IPX/SPX, CDP, HDLC, NTP, NHRP, NetFlow, Appletalk, Protocol Translation, Bridging, VLANs, Access Lists, Spanning Tree, and SNMP, plus many more.

Many scenarios are possible with this kit. The addition of the versatile Cisco 2520 router to this training system will allow you to go beyond the more limited capabilities of a Cisco 2501-only kit. The ISDN/BRI ports on the 2520 and 2503 routers, together with the ISDN Network Simulator, will allow you to configure and test ISDN/ BRI, a widely-used WAN technology. The 2509 with the included Octal cable will allow you to set up a terminal server, which will give your students the feel of working on a real production network.

The 2520 multiport serial router functions not only as a multiprotocol router but also as a communication server for telecommuting services. Multiport serial routers offer high-speed synchronous serial lines for T1 connections, and low-speed asynchronous/synchronous serial lines to attach terminal equipment such as a channel service unit/data service unit (CSU/DSU). The 2520, with it's four serial ports, can also be configured as a Frame Relay switch.

Set up all four routers in a star configuration and create a meshed frame-relay environment. Configure the Catalyst switches into multiple VLANs, and you have a mockup of a four-site, multi-protocol WAN. Use the two Catalyst switches to configure and test trunking. Set up Network Management using SNMP. Practice backing up and restoring IOS images. Simulate network failures and test various failover scenarios. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the skills you develop. All of the tools are included!

This lab is perfect for any experience level. This kit will walk a novice through all four of the CCNP exams, or an experienced network engineer through the CCIE exams and beyond.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days. Customers located in continental US will have a $34.95 shipping charge added to your order. Shipping charges for Customers located outside the continental US will vary depending upon your location and will be billed to your credit card separately. All orders outside US are shipped via FedEx International Economy. If you want exact shipping charge estimate before placing an order for this kit, please e-mail: customer_service@Certification Zone.

Home Lab CCNP/CCIE Certification Kit (includes $34.95 US shipping)



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