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Here's what satisfied customers have to say about the value of the subscriptions to Certification Zone.com:

"...in August I became CCIE #7945. The Study Guides on [Certification Zone] were extremely helpful in making this possible. I found the Study Guides on Frame Relay and ISDN [by David Wolsefer] especially useful. After failing the CCIE Lab twice, I purchased a Subscription to the Certification Zone and passed on my third attempt, just one month later. Thanks!"

Kevin Wallace
CCIE #7945, CCSI, CCNP+Voice, CCDP
Senior Technical Instructor, KnowledgeNet

"I have passed the CCIE Written Qualification Exam on January 19, 2002. I have been preparing for it for the last seven months and used a lot of Cisco press books [including], CCIE LAN Switching, Routing TCP/IP I & II, the CCIE Routing & Switching Exam Cram book from H. Benjamin, and the CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Guide 350-001 from Lucent NetCare. But, I found it extremely difficult to put all the relevant topics together and concentrate on the exam objectives."

After receiving an email from Certification Zone, I decided to subscribe to Certification Zone for three months. From that point onward, I used only Certification Zone Study Guides and the Study Questions. I [also] attempted Certification Zone's Practice Exam frequently.

On the last day of my 3-month subscription, I decided to try the Exam. [Up] until then I had done all the 12 Practice Exams and passed 5 of them with the highest mark of 825. My plans were if I failed the first attempt, [then] I will study for another 2 months before my 2nd attempt. I passed the exam with 81% score, which I feel, [is] a very good one.

I [would like to] take this opportunity to thank Certification Zone web masters on their excellent effort for showing the correct path for passing the exam successfully. Especially the 2 ATM papers, Bridging, Token Ring papers are excellent without taking anything away from other papers which are also very comprehensive and very good.

"Hats off to Certification Zone Masters and to Certification Zone"

Ansar Mohideen CNE, MCSE, CCNP
Network Engineer
Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mills Company

Excerpt from 12/01 issue of Certification Magazine, written by professional IT Trainer Ed Tittel:

"Certification Zone: Covers only Cisco certifications, but is nearly my ideal of a model site: It offers great student support, lots of reasonably priced supporting materials and publications, access to big-name experts, tie-ins for online training programs and lots of support for students. Subscriptions cost between $15 and $23 a month, depending on the subscription period you elect to pay for, but it does provide access to lots of useful information, including study guides, practice tests and discussion groups galore."

Certification Magazine
December 2001 issue
You can read the complete text of Professional IT Trainer, Ed
Tittel's article at: http://www.certmag.com/issues/dec01/dept_learntools.cfm

I think Certification Zone is one of the best sites of its kind with the most qualified authors/contributors. I use the Study Guides daily in my job.

Jeff Soucy, CCNP, CCNA
Webster Bank
Bristol, CT

The (ZONE's) tutorials are absolutely the BEST self-study materials I have seen. They somehow manage to condense key concepts into a few pages of excellently written material that is easy to understand. You definitely have some of the best the industry has to offer writing for you. I also used the practice exams which I thought were tougher than the real exam. I feel that is the way it should be.

I love (your site). I have multiple certifications, and (Certification Zone) is the best study site I have ever used. The mix of tutorials, study questions, and hands-on labs is in my opinion the best way to learn any subject. I have recommended (Certification Zone) to many friends, and I have recommended (Certification Zone) to my employer as a self-study site for new engineers. Keep up the good work!

Kevin Marley, CCNP, CCDP
Plainfield, IL

(Certification Zone is the) best certification site I have found for Cisco, and I'm pretty sure I've seen them all. Other than the occasional typo and missing graphic, the practice tests are second to none.

Ray Brehm, CCNP, CCNA
United Computer Sales & Service, Inc.
Cherry Hill, NJ

The material (at Certification Zone) is presented in a very professional and concise manner. The contributors of the material seem to be very knowledgeable and go the extra distance to explain concepts and fundamentals. This was very helpful to me because if I get hung up on a particular topic, it is extremely difficult to build off it. Kudos to the creators of the site and the staff which operates it. I would recommend this technical site to anyone who was serious about becoming Cisco certified as well as a great technical reference site.

Steve Gitto, CCNA
CSP Inc.
Plymouth, MN

You're study materials have helped my understanding of networking topics tremendously. I work for a major ISP and deal with WAN issues 99.999% of the time, the study guides for the lan switching test has helped with my prep work for the Cisco Lan switching test.

J.M. Manning, CCNA

I have used Certification Zone as one of my primary certification study tools and I like it for the quality of content in the study guides as well as for the practice tests. The practice tests are the best I have used and I have them all.

Constance Cate, CCNP, CCDP
Siemens ICN
The Colony, TX

As a Cisco Academy instructor I find the additional information extremely helpful in preparing myself for class presentations as well as checking my own knowledge

John Fialko
CCNA Networking Academy Instructor
Ft. Collins, CO

Thanks for this informative Web site, I use it every day.

Moe Soloman
Lucent Technologies
Castle Rock, CO

Certification Zone bridges the gap between theory and practical experience.

Elil Raj
JSI Netsystems
Piscataway, NJ

I like the site very much for its ease of use and logical layout. I have sifted through tons of material online and yours blows the rest away for its concise offerings.

Mike Bromley, CCNP
Amnis Systems Inc.
Lusby, MD

I feel the site is probably the best site for preparing for Cisco certification. I have recommended this site to numerous individuals. The quality of the material (white papers, scenarios, and tests are the best I have seen. It is a gold mine for those seeking Cisco certification.

Richard Beamish, CCNP
Getronics Government Solutions
Rockville, MD

The CertificationZone definitely helped me pass the CCIE written exam. I doubt I would have been able to pass without it. I highly recommend your site to anyone who is preparing for any Cisco exam.

Michael Brady
GE Capital - IT Solutions
Columbia, SC

Absolutely the best !! I was drowning in the ocean of the networking information you need to know for the exam. Zone have created a navigation map and took me through the stormy CCNA ocean. So well organised and concise !! How did you do it guys ?!?!

Anna Grichina, CCNA
AMP Services Limited

It's a great resource. This is my second subscription...I visit the site at least three times per week to prepare for an exam or just to learn about new technologies.

David Carroll
T. Rowe Price Investment Technologies
Glen Burnie, MD
New South Wales

Certification Zone is doing an outstanding job of communication in plain English this difficult Material. Do not ---- Do not on the basis of this survey changing anything on the Certification Zone. You have just recently made the site great.. if it ain't broke don't Fix it.

Donald K. Edds
Richmond, VA

The quality of the (ZONE Contributors) is second to none

Brett Johnson
Algonquin, IL

(Certification Zone) is a great site, always up-dated with the latest in the networking field.

Randolph Whyte
Guiness Bass Import Company

(Certification Zone is) very professional, filled with hard-to-find networking information, great scenarios and (tutorials)!

Dino Sims
engenius Consulting Group
Atlanta, GA

This site is the most helpful tool to study for the Cisco exams. Well Done!

Darrell Wilkerson
Compucom Systems, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

The best and most professional easy-to-follow information on the Cisco subjects, anywhere.

Joseph Mifsud
Castle Hill, Australia

Certification Zone is a very good source to keep up with changing technologies. I have recommended your site to my 100 students and made a very strong link between your material and the 935 I scored

Alan McDermott
CCNA Networking Academy Instructor
Mission Viejo, CA

"The money [you pay for a subscription to Certification Zone.com] is worth it. The Study Guides, labs & exams are top-notch, I haven't seen its equal. You [usually] get [free access] to a tutorial each month, so you can check them out ahead of time, but the archives are what's worth the money."

Robert Timmons CCNP, CCDP

"I think one of the big things that made the difference was the subscription to Certification Zone... I must admit the questions in my exam were more on par with the level of the questions on Cert Zone and the (new Certification Zone.com) Study Questions CDROM."

Nigel Taylor

"This morning I passed [the CCIE written exam] with a 75%... The practice tests and white papers (at Certification Zone.com) are great. Well worth the money."

Chuck Church

"I'm writing this to tell you how much I appreciated the Certification Zone web site. I felt that the [STUDY GUIDES] were very well thought out, informative, and well written... They helped me fill in some blanks that the (Cisco Networking Academy) curriculum left sketchy. [Your site's] simulated practice exams were an excellent tool to judge my progress and to identify my weak areas. The explanations given after each question were very helpful.

....With the knowledge and confidence that I received from this site, (and a lot of studying), I earned a score of 914/1000 on the CCNA exam.

Michael P. Donnelly, CCNA"

"The Certification Zone sample test that I took (for $35) pushed me well over the top.... Best $35 I've spent enroute to my CCIE™ goal. Thank you for enabling me to pass (the CCIE™ written exam) on the first attempt!!!"

Andrew Short
Design Engineer

"(Certification Zone) was very helpful towards learning the materials and passing the test. I would go so far as to say that I couldn't have done as well as I did (93) without my subscription to your web services....Thank you!"

Kip McDowell, CCNA

"I just took (the CCNA™ exam) this Saturday AND I PASSED FIRST TIME!!...Thanks for having a great sight. I know it helped me tremendously. I shall tell all my friends to definitely go to THE Certification Zone!!!!"

Victoria Gray

"Your Site took the guess work out of taking the Exam. It is my intent to know my field. I wanted to know the material and not just memorize the material. My goal is to attain CCIE™ status. I am now seeking the CCNP™. Next week I take the CLSC™ and the ACRC™. Your website is the reason for my confidence in even considering the task. I thank you for the help... and keep up the outstanding job."

Daniel A Calix, CCNA

"I just passed the CCIE™ written exam and wanted to let you know that Certification Zone's Practice Tests are excellent!!! I used them to help me prepare for the exam and I can attest to the fact that the Zone's practice tests are a good gauge for the real test. I got a 74.8 score on your practice test and an 82% on the actual exam. The explanations you provide on the scoring summary were really good, also. Just keep it coming."

Larry Dwyer

"I thought the CertificationZone tests were slightly harder than the real thing. They helped me tremendously to prepare for the actual exam. I passed the CCIE™ R/S Qualification test with an 86. Thanks to all the fine folks at CertificationZone."

Colin Fabeny

"... there is no other Cisco®© preparation site that gives the level of depth that you find on CertificationZone. It's one of the best investments that I've made in test preparation."

Frank Jimenez

"CertificationZone has helped me clarify sticky issues with WAN protocols and the OSI stack. I've read several Cisco®© books and they just didn't seem to help enough."

William Hansen

"My Cisco®© classes used your CCNA™ Study Zone last semester. My students were very impressed with the resources available, especially the SIMULATED EXAMS! We found them to be a great prep tool for the CCNA™ Certification exam... the White Papers are great resources along with the sample questions that accompany each topic. We look forward to using the site again this spring."

Bruce Roehrkasse
Cisco® Program Director
Central Wyoming College

"I passed the CCIE™ written yesterday. www.Certification Zone was a great help."

Tony Medeiros

"The Zone helps quite a bit explaining the workings of the test. I know how to do a lot of the stuff required, but the Zone helps me understand why it needs doing."

Terry Johnson

"I used Certification Zone to prep for the CCIE™ written. It was AWSOME. Kudos Howard!!! I started taking the Zone's simulated exam about 4 months before taking the real thing. Boy did they kick my butt. I think I got a 36%. I got an understanding of the structure of the questions and the slant that the questions would take. Reviewing the correct answers helped tremendously. After the 4 month period I finally scored an 87%. Two days later I got an 85% on the real exam. That tells me that Howard has done a great job setting the level of the exam extremely close to the real thing."

Joe Martin

"Certification Zone has very good tutorials on a wide array of topics. (The ZONE's Practice) Exams have been very good at helping me identify my weak areas of knowledge."

Irene Collins
Charles Schwab
Denver, CO

"I love Certification Zone"

Wayne Stoner
Wyoming, RI

"I find your site excellent...Great job!!!"

Ryan Friesenhahn
Dallas, TX

"The (ZONE) is very good...it exposed me to concepts that I did not get exposed to in any other (exam preparation) resources."

David Hernandez
Elizabeth, NJ

"Certification Zone helped me pass the CCNA exam by enabling me to study certain topics more in depth to more fully understand the "why?" behind the answers."

Manny Shah, CCNA
Gardena, CA

"...ZONE Study Guides are done very well. I have printed them out and placed them in binders which I refer to often. I have also referred several people seeking CCNA to your site."

Erik Groves, CCNP
Platteville, CO

"I love Certification Zone Tutorials!"

Yolanda Hall
Cisco Networking Academy Instructor
Gary, IN

"CertificationZone Tutorials are first-rate. They are helping me prepare for the CCIE written exam."

Scott Terminiello, CCNA
Marlboro, NJ

"Certification Zone is very helpful!!! The people writing Certification Zone's Tutorials know the content areas they are providing."

Terry Hartman, CCNP
McAllen, TX

"Certification Zone is an excellent site. It gives you more in-depth knowledge than is really required to pass the CCNA exam and helps you to really understand the Cisco networking process. Your (Practice Exam) questions are much harder than the actual exam which helped me to know the material inside-out. Certification Zone's OSI Pocket Guide is also invaluable. I still use it to refresh my memory."

Liz Howell, CCNA
Milton, FL

"I train folks for very basic Cisco stuff and I refer all to your site for further advanced training. We do not do Cisco cert training so your site is the best resource I know of and I have been to many sites if not all."

Ozzie Sutcliffe
Brooklyn, NY

"CertificationZone keeps my knowledge up-to-date."

MG.G. de Bruin
Den Haag, Holland

"I used Certification Zone to pass my CCIE written and will continue to use it for the lab exam."

Jeff Cornish, CCNA
North Syracuse, NY

"Certification Zone's Study Questions, Tutorials, and Practice Exams helped me pass the CCIE written exam. Certification Zone is an excellent site, very helpful."

Randy Betts
Smyrna, TN

"CertificationZone do provide lot of great Tutorials from experts which help me a lot in understanding the (CCIE written exam topics). A BIG Thank You!!!"

Kent Woo, CCNP
Kowloon, Hong Kong

"Certification Zone has a good amount of info and is easy to use."

Chris Browne, CCNA
Sterling, IL

"I have used Certification Zone's information heavily. I plan to continue my studies using both the Cisco web site and Certification Zone to complete the Cisco Certified network Security Specialist. The combination of this information has been extremely helpful in my studies toward CCNP."

Pat Hulsey, CCNA
Norman, OK

"Easy to navigate, excellent content. (Certification Zone) gives me encouragement to continue with Cisco certifications."

Thomas Cozzi, CCNA
Naperville, IL

"Certification Zone is a good site for Cisco info...and probably the best one for written exam information."

Phillip Jenkins, CCNA
San Francisco, CA

"Certification Zone is a good site. Certification Zone's Study Questions CD-ROM was very helpful-the questions are well worded and touched on many aspects of each subject beyond the level required for just passing (Cisco's) tests."

Susan McClendon, CCNP
Arnold, AL

"Your site has given me good supplements on the key areas for Cisco certifications both now and for quite a few years to come."

David Cantrill, CCNA
Weybridge, Surrey, UK

"It's very useful to have access (via Certification Zone) to the musings of experts in this field, especially those of the caliber of Howard Berkowitz."

Charley Hartwell, CCNP

"Informative...well-written. Certification Zone helps me stay in touch with Cisco and networking technology since I am exposed to very little in my current job."

Greg Hill, CCNP
Waipahu, HI

"Certification Zone has been very clear and concise in its advice and requirements for passing (Cisco certification) tests and the Tutorials have been written in a very professional and informative manner."

Jack Wikinski, CCNA
Raanana, Israel

"Certification Zone is the best site I've found. It's been worth the money. The Study Guides have been very helpful. The Tutorials are to the point and the lab scenarios are well done."

James Johnson, CCNP
Concord, CA

"Your site has given me the opportunity to one-stop shop for the best written Tutorials on all of the latest technologies."

Joe Knox
St. Jacob, IL

"I think Certification Zone is the best certification site currently available..."

Chris Miles, CCNP

"Certification Zone is a great tool for certification preparation."

Bassil Habib, CCNP
Woodridge, IL

"Certification Zone CCNA-level Study Questions and Practice Exams were great... preparation. I think Certification Zone is a very useful site for anyone who thinks about pursuing Cisco studies. A must in order to prepare for exams."

Bahram Chaboki, CCNA
Glenview, IL

"I find Certification Zone Tutorials and Practice Exams extremely useful ...Simple explanations with examples that are easy-to-understand."

Nick Barreto, CCNP

"Certification Zone is a very helpful and very comprehensive website."

Pat Loh
Manassas, VA

"I feel the overall level of Certification Zone's tutorials is outstanding."

John M. Parkman, CCNA
New York, NY

"Certification Zone has been very beneficial to my studies...Certification Zone's in-depth explanations are sometimes better than those found in Cisco's own manuals."

Bill McFadden

"It's helpful to have a real-time site like Certification Zone for study purposes. As technology changes and evolves almost daily, its critical that the material being studied changes with the technology"

Donald Roy, CCNA
Seattle, WA

"I teach in a Cisco Networking Academy and use Certification Zone's Challenge Questions in class as well as using the Study Guides and Practice Exams to further my own certification goals."

Richard Kuhn, CCNA
West Union, OH

"Certification Zone is the first place I look to find subject materials to study."

Mang Chau, CCNA

"I find that Certification Zone is very useful as a secondary source of independant information on many topics and provides some insights and viewpoints that may not necessarily be the "Cisco" answer but are the correct or unbiased explanations of many technical details, without clouding the overall points needed to pass the Cisco exams."

Scott Davis, CCNA
Racine, WI

"Certification Zone is a great resource that I visit on a regular basis."

Joe Conway, CCNP
Herndon, VA

"(Certification Zone's) Practice Tests and Study Guides helped me pass the CCIE written exam. (Certification Zone) is a great site!"

James T. Fickett, CCNP
South Portland, ME

"(Certification Zone) is an excellent product with great tech support!!"

Del Blake
Fayetteville, AR

"Certification Zone helped me a lot to succeed in CCNA, thanks to your Tutorials and Study Questions. It was well invested money. ..I would recommend it for everyone that wish to pass the Cisco exams."

Fabio Muller, CCNA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I passed the CCIE R&S; Lab Exam on the first try and am pretty happy about that. I found that the Tutorials and Lab Scenarios in CertificationZone's on-line Study Guides were very helpful to my success on the exam. The Hello Computer R&S; Lab Exam Practice Scenario I purchased from you guys also helped my preparation efforts. It gave me a way to judge speed and was a reality check regarding what I thought I knew and what I needed to practice."

Larry Melson
CCIE #9744

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