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The R&S; Bootcamp You've Been Waiting For!

The ZONE has Bootcamps that will take place on January 20 and February 16, 2003. We are now accepting enrollments for either date on a first paid, first served basis. The cost to enroll is $3,995. If you already own a copy of the Hello Computers CCIE R&S; Lab Exam Workbook, you can deduct $495 from the enrollment fee. If you are an active Subscriber, you can deduct $100 from the enrollment fee.

Cisco's CCIE R&S; Lab Exam is a formidable challenge. Certification ZONE's new Distance Learning Bootcamp for the CCIE R&S; Lab Exam presented in partnership with Hello Computers will build and strengthen the skills you need to be successful on this very difficult test.

A great Bootcamp begins with a great instructor.

The ZONE is extremely pleased to have Keyur Shah teaching this one. Keyur has his CCIE in both Routing & Switching and Security. He is the lead author of highly acclaimed Lab Workbooks for the CCIE R&S; Lab Exam, the CCIE Security Lab Exam, and the CSS1 Written Exams. Keyur is an extremely skilled network designer and also an excellent teacher and is President and founder of HelloComputers, a California based network consulting and training firm. He has helped hundreds successfully prepare for Cisco certification exams and now he and his expert staff are ready to help you pass Cisco's new R&S; Lab Exam.

A great Bootcamp requires excellent training material.

Every Bootcamp attendee receives two outstanding training resources:

Hello Computers' Workbook of Lab Scenarios for the Cisco CCIE R&S; Lab Exam - This Workbook contains 24 carefully designed exercises specially put together to help users develop, practice, and refine the specific configuration skills they will need to master to achieve success on the November 2002 version of the CCIE R&S; Lab Exam. Check out a complete description of the Workbook's contents here. (NOTE: If you already own the Workbook your Bootcamp enrollment fee will be reduced by $495.)

Access to Study Guides - Every Bootcamp attendee will receive one month worth of unrestricted access to the ZONE's highly acclaimed and respected on-line collection of Study Guides addressing the key protocols and concepts you'll encounter on the lab exam. See our complete list of the ZONE's CCIE-level study resources for more info. (NOTE: If you are already an active Subscriber to, your Bootcamp enrollment fee will be reduced by $100)

A great distance learning Bootcamp requires extremely powerful
and easy-to-use remote communications software.

Don't even consider a distance learning Bootcamp unless you have the opportunity to personally test the software used to communicate between you, your remote rack, the Bootcamp's instructor, and your fellow students. One of the key reason's the ZONE is sponsoring this Bootcamp is because we were absolutely impressed with the Webex™ software, Hello Computers uses for its presentation. Instead of explaining all of the features we'd like you to see it and hear it in action. This hour-long Demo is from a CCIE R&S; Lab Exam Bootcamp led by Keyur Shah and hosted using the Webex™ on-line meeting technology. See for yourself why you don't have to leave home to take full advantage of this Bootcamp. And keep in mind that the actual Bootcamp is conducted live, in real time.

A great distance learning Bootcamp addresses the most current exam blueprint and equipment list.

For CCIE Lab Exam candidates, there's probably only one thing worse than training on outdated equipment and that's spending valuable training time on topics that won't be on the test. When you attend this ZONE Bootcamp, you can be assured you'll spend every second addressing the most current blueprint and using the most updated equipment. In fact, the most recent version of this curriculum was just updated by Hello Computers, on August 30, 2002, right after Cisco announced the new version of the Catalyst 3550 Switch IOS.

Here's a complete list of the topics covered in this Boot Camp:

  • BGP
  • Token Ring
  • DLSW
  • ATM
  • OSI
  • QoS
  • IP Addressing
  • Cisco IOS
  • LAN Switching
  • Remote Access
  • Troubleshooting
  • Voice
  • MPLS
  • IPV6
  • Multicast
  • Mobile IP
  • Catalyst 3550 switching with inter vlan routing

Every Bootcamp attendee will have continuous remote access to a dedicated and fully supported CCIE-level rack of hardware that mirrors the equipment list Cisco has established for the R&S; Lab Exam. Here's a complete list of Hello Computers impressive remote rack resources.

A great distance learning Bootcamp always includes those special intangibles.

The Zone's distance learning Bootcamps are backed by the outstanding customer service team of and the unbeatable technical support team of Hello Computers so you get the best of both support worlds. When you call us during the normal work day, you get to talk to trained customer service and technical support reps and not answering machines. Our Bootcamps are limited to five students in each session because we want to ensure that everyone gets personal interaction and mentoring. All Bootcamp attendees receive 24 hrs a day of rack access during the Bootcamp as well as 96 hrs of rack access after the Bootcamp, thereby giving you plenty of time to refine your skills.

The first ZONE Sponsored Distance Learning Bootcamp for the Cisco CCIE R&S; Lab Exam is scheduled to take place on November 11, 2002. The second Bootcamp will take place on December 2, 2002. We are now accepting enrollments for either date on a first paid, first served basis. The cost to enroll is $3,995. If you already own a copy of the Hello Computers CCIE R&S; Lab Exam Workbook, you can deduct $495 from the enrollment fee. If you are an active Subscriber, you can deduct $100 from the enrollment fee.

To guarantee your spot in the Bootcamp on your preferred date, register on-line, now.

When you're asked to lay out thousands of dollars to prepare for an exam that can mean so much to your career growth you want to be sure you're investing in the right Bootcamp product. If you're still not convinced the ZONE Sponsored CCIE Bootcamp is the right choice, please give us an opportunity to address your specific questions or concerns. You can direct technical questions directly to the staff of Hello Computers at the ZONE's Ask Hello Computers area. Or you can call the ZONE at 1-877-CCIE-NOW and let us address your concerns.

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