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Certification Zone has what you need to pass Cisco®'s CCIE™, CCNP™, and CCNA™ certification exams and teach you more about networking. Certification Zone's growing team of over two dozen networking experts has produced a unique blend of Tutorials, Study Questions, Lab Scenarios, and Practice Exams to help you understand the key topics you'll encounter on Cisco's tests.
Zone Practice Exams help users prepare and assess their readiness to pass Cisco exams:

ZONE Practice Exams Addressing Topics on Cisco's® CCNA™ Exam:
ZONE Practice Exam

ZONE Practice Exams Addressing Topics on Cisco's® CCNP™ Exam:
ZONE Practice BSCI Exam

ZONE Practice Switching Exam
ZONE Demo Switching Exam FREE

ZONE Practice Remote Access Exam
ZONE Demo Remote Access Exam FREE

ZONE Practice Support Exam
ZONE Demo Support Exam FREE

ZONE Practice Exams Addressing Topics on Cisco's® CCIE™ Exam:
ZONE Practice Exam

Attention Five-Step Prep Kit Users
The Prep Kit link has been moved from the top of the left navigation display to the bottom of the same display.

This month's new CCIE/CCNP level Study Guide, Interior Route Redistribution by John Neiberger is now available. Subscribers have unlimited access to this Study Guide, while Guest Members have access to the Study Questions portion during this month only.

This month's new CCNA level Study Guide, Network Management Study Guide by Annlee Hines is Certification Zone's CCNA-level Study Tool feature this month. Guest Members are being given access to the Tutorial portion of the Study Guide during this month.

Routing & Switching Lab Exercises for the Cisco® CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ Exams
This new compilation Workbook contains the challenging configuration, design, and case-study exercises needed to prepare for the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE written exams.

A New Version of Certification Zone Is In the Works
We are redesigning the entire Certification Zone website to make your study efforts even more effective. The new website will still offer our great Study Guides and and Practice Exams, but will also make tracking your progress and meeting your study goals even easier. More on the new site will be announced as we near completion.

CCIE Security Lab Workbook Updated
Version 2.0 of the CCIE Security Lab Workbook is now available and includes coverage of Cat 3550 layer2 and layer3.

Certification Zone CD-ROMs
Study Questions 2002 for the Cisco® CCNA™ Exam
Study Questions 2002 for the Cisco® CCNP™ Exam
Study Questions 2002 for the Cisco® CCIE™ Exam

The 2003 Versions of our Study Questions CD-ROMs and Downloads will soon be available. The CDs and Downloads reflect all of the changes in Cisco's exam blueprints during the past year. If you order any of the Study Questions 2002 versions now, you will receive a free Download of the 2003 version when it becomes available.

Certification Zone Publications
Lab Workbook for the Cisco® CSS1™ Written Exams
Lab Workbook for the Cisco® CCIE™ Security Lab Exam
Lab Workbook for the Cisco® CCIE™ Routing and Switching Lab Exam
Study Digest for the Cisco® CCNA™ Exam

Additional Resources
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