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What's New

Routing Principles ZoneCast
With the release of two new presentations, the audio presentation series on Routing Principles at the CCIE level is now complete. The first new presentation (Part II) covers packet forwarding and that is followed by an audio quiz on the topic. Previously released was an audio presentation on path determination (Part I).

Gateway/Gatekeeper Study Guides
The addition of a Study Quiz and a Lab Scenario completes the Gateway/Gatekeeper Configuration, Part 2 Study Guide. This second GWGK Study Guide focuses on Gatekeepers. The Part 1 GWGK Study Guide focuses on Gateways. When you're done with these two Study Guides you'll be able to design, configure, and deploy the Gateways and Gatekeepers required to meet specific VoIP requirements, and you'll have covered the topics on the CCVP Gateway Gatekeeper Exam no. 642-452.

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Today's Focus:

WAN Protocols

This Study Guide addresses the characteristics of a Wide Area Network (WAN), and differentiates it from a Local Area Network (LAN). These characteristics include: The geographic area occupied by the network; The scope of control and management of the network; The transmission methods and media used to build the network; The type of traffic that crosses the network.
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