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Manufacturing Materials and Processes Videotapes
Created by the General Electric Company

This 21 tapes series explains today's most widely-used manufacturing processes. It offers a safe way to introduce student and new engineers to the sights and sounds of real-life manufacturing processes without ever setting foot on the plant floor. The series was developed by General Electric's Aircraft Engine Group for in-house training as an introduction to an entire range of industrial processes -- from casting to milling to welding to electric discharge machining.

The series is divided into six subject areas that include: metallurgy, metal processing, joining, metal removal, coating, and individual titles. Each program points out the benefits and trade-offs of each operation so that you can decide which is best suited for your products.

Because each program is quickly paced, about 15 to 20 minutes in length, viewers can completely understand each topic without being bored by a long, drawn-out program. The efficient education of your staff and students on all of the materials and processes available will enable them to develop a better manufacturing plan for each product by visualizing what will happen, both upstream and downstream from each manufacturing operation. Our concise "pictures" are worth thousands of words and will save your training program many hours.

Who Will Benefit By Viewing These Programs?

Everyone involved in communication about manufacturing will better understand the entire range of manufacturing processes available by viewing these programs. Managers, secretaries, students, and engineers will all benefit by seeing each operation performed and explained by experts. Each diagram and sequence of the programs has been arranged by professional video educators to allow viewers enough time to understand the information displayed.

This series will be shown over and over again to orient new employees and to retrain existing workers. Teachers will use these programs to replace plant tours. Students in high school through college will see and understand nearly all processes used in modern manufacturing.

Certification Credit: The video programs in this series have been approved by the Manufacturing Engineering Certification Institute for credit toward the recertification program.

List of tapes available:

Introduction to Metallurgy (#148)
Material Testing (#149)

Metal Processing Series:
Forging (#150)
Casting (#151)
Rolling (#152)
Powder Metallurgy (#153)
Complete 4-Tape Set (#171)

Introduction to Coating (#132)
Plating (#133)

Process to Product (#PVT)

Metal-Removal Series:
The Lathe (#161)
Milling (#162)
Drilling and Boring (#163)
Abrasive Machining (#164)
Broaching and Shaping (#165)
Electric Discharge Machining (#126)
Complete 6-Tape Set (#173)

Welding (#155)
Brazing and Soldering (#156)

Gauges and Measurements (#168)
Heat Treating (#169)
Non-Destructive Testing (#170)
Sheet Metal Processing (#158)

Order the Complete Set and Save

When you order the complete 21-tape set, you can save an additional $510. Normally, $2,810, you save almost 20%.

21 Tape Manufacturing Materials & Process Set
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1   -   and up $ 2300.00 ea.   

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