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Network Learning's CCIETM R&S Mock Lab #1

Step 3: R&S CCIETM Mock Lab #1
Cost: $595.00 - Certification Zone Subscribers will receive a $30.00 rebate

If you just think you're ready to tackle Cisco's CCIETM R&S Lab you may not be. Why spend $1,250 to find out you weren't ready to pass the real test when you can try this one for just half-price. The professionals at Network Learning have put together a Mock Lab experience that is so life-like, the beads of perspiration will start forming on your forehead as soon as you tear open the envelope containing your exam.

Get more information about this Mock Lab here

Active Certification Zone subscribers who purchase this Mock Lab will automatically receive a $30 rebate, direct from Certification Zone, within eight weeks of your payment of the full Mock Lab fee. To qualify for this rebate you must be an active Certification Zone subscriber at the time you purchase the lab. You must also submit the same name and address when you purchase the lab as you used when you submitted your Certification Zone subscribers order. E-mail your questions concerning rebate qualifications and procedures to [email protected]


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