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Network Learning's CCIETM R&S Mock Lab #1

NLI's R&S CCIETM Mock Lab Exam has been designed to provide CCIETM R&S candidates with a realistic CCIETM Lab Exam experience.

What's included in the $595 price?

  • Two (2) partial days of rack access (your block of time during the first day, and the remainder of the second day after your conversation with your mock proctor.)
  • The mock lab scenario sent to you via UPS RED.
  • A graded lab and brief analysis of what you did wrong, what you did right, and what you need to work on (probably based on what you did wrong.)
  • A fifteen (15) minute "call-in" phone call with the mock proctor to discuss the graded lab and analysis.

Mock Lab Setup:

  • Pre-configs for all routers will be loaded for you. You will not have access to all routers. The routers that you have been denied access to will be password protected.
  • The access server you will use for reverse telnet will be already configured for you. The enable password for this router will not be provided.
  • The frame-relay cloud will be pre-configured. You will not have access to the router providing frame-relay services.
  • There will be backbone routers and you will not have access to these routers.The ATM cloud will be pre-configured. You will not have access to the LS1010 ATM switch.
  • The mock lab will be 100 points and will be as difficult if not more difficult than the real lab exam. Each section will be broken down in small tasks and points will be allocated to each section.
  • No partial credit will be given for any task.

There will be strict rules to follow:

  • You MUST start at the agreed upon time / AND NOT open or look at the lab exam until the agreed upon start time.
  • You MUST STOP working for the thirty (30) minute lunch and end at the agreed upon time.
  • You MUST ONLY use the DOC CD.
  • If you have questions during the exam, the mock proctor will respond in the same manner as the real proctors do. Questions can be asked either via phone, email, or instant message. Phone is probably the best method. Keep in mind - the mock proctor will be as nasty and as vague as the REAL proctors are! Bill Lijewski, CCIETM #8642, is not normally like this, but he has been instructed to mimic the responses of the typical proctor.
  • You must be taking your CCIETM R&S Lab within the next 60 days.
  • You must be located in the continental U.S.
  • It is highly recommended that you complete our practice labs and read our lab guide before you sign up for this service!

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Step 2. Lab Workbook  
Step 3. Mock Lab Exam  
Step 4. Bootcamp  

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