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Certification Zone's 4-Step Path To CCIETM R+S Lab Exam Success

If you Suggested First Steps STEPS
... are studying for the CCIETM written exam
Step 1. Zone Lab  
... just passed the CCIETM written exam
1. or 2.
Step 2. Lab Workbook  
... have completed at least fifteen CCIETM R+S Lab Exam Scenarios
3. or 4.
Step 3. Mock Lab Exam  
... just failed the lab exam or want to be sure you're ready to pass it
3. or 4.
Step 4. Bootcamp  

If you plan on getting your Cisco® CCIETM certification in Routing & Switching, you will need to pass Cisco's most difficult exam. Certification Zone is pleased to introduce our new four-step preparation process for achieving success. We are also pleased to announce our partnership with Network Learning, one of the world's oldest and most trusted providers of Cisco Lab Exam preparation services.

When reviewing the Zone's four-step process for Cisco® Lab Exam success, keep in mind that it is not necessary to comply with each step in the process. Which step you begin with and which step you take next depends on your level of education, training, and experience you currently possess with respect to building complex networks to certain specifications.

Our goal is to provide an effective Lab Exam preparation pathway that will permit each and every Certification Zone user who wishes to obtain the CCIETM R&S certification to pass the Lab Exam on your next attempt, even if it is the first time you've taken this very challenging test.

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