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NLI's CCIETM R&S Practice Lab Workbook: Version 12.2 Information

Step 2: Network Learning's CCIETM R&S Lab Workbook: Version 12.2
Cost: $299.00 - Active Certification Zone Subscribers receive a $25.00 rebate

Network Learning offers 30 additional Lab Exercises similar to the one available free to Certification Zone subscribers in their popular CCIETM R&S Lab Workbook. Network Learning produced the very first commercially available R&S Lab Workbook over five years ago. There have been a lot of pretenders published since then, but nobody does it better or has had as many R&S Lab Exam-passing success stories as Network Learning.

Consistent and extensive updating has kept this Workbook's Labs current to today's technical blueprint for the Cisco® R&S Lab Exam. Labs 27-30 are completely new.

Each individual Lab in this Workbook is fully supported with its own monitored discussion thread at RouterIE.

If you order our R&S Lab package you will receive one free day of remote rack rental on any one of Network Learning's five (5) remote rental racks. (Note: The dates you choose must be scheduled within 48 hours of your purchase. These dates can not be rescheduled once scheduled. In addition, you must choose dates that are available.)

More detailed description of Workbook contents

Summary descriptions of each of the Labs in the Workbook

Comments from actual users of the Workbook

Active Certification Zone subscribers who order this Workbook will automatically receive a $25 rebate, direct from Certification Zone, within eight weeks of your purchase of the Workbook. Note: To qualify for this rebate you must be an active Certification Zone subscriber at the time you place the order and you must submit the same name and ship-to address for your Workbook order as you used when you submitted your Certification Zone subscription order. E-mail your questions concerning Rebate qualifications and procedures to [email protected]


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