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NLI's CCIETM R&S 5-Day Lab Bootcamp Class Student Reviews

John Wilson

Just wanted to let you know that I took my CCIETM Lab exam on Tuesday May 13th and passed! My company and I are very happy. The 3 labs we did during the R&S Bootcamp as well as all the material, slides and the tips, (also Lab # 27), were very helpful to pass the exam. Thank you.

I will be recommending your Bootcamp and material to my colleagues!!

Best regards,

John A. Wilson CCIETM #11631

Richard Ingram

I passed, Bill! I just took the test yesterday. Thanks for your class. It was a HUGE help.

Thanks for everything,

Rich Ingram CCIETM #11657

Chris Lunsford

Hello all... I apologize for the late notification, but the last several weeks have been BUSY! I passed the CCIETM R&S lab March 5th (2nd Attempt). I know that the Lab Subscription, Lab Rental, and especially the Bootcamp class were instrumental in helping me to achieve this.

I hope all of you, that I haven't heard from, have passed yours as well! If not, good luck and hang in there. The relief alone is worth it!

I just wanted to say Thank You to you all! Maybe I'll see you all again soon... I'm already making preparations to take the Security CCIETM exam this time next year. Scott, do you teach the CCBootcamp security course?

Thank You Again,

-Chris Lunsford CCIETM #11217

Chris McClimans

Hey Marc and John,

I appreciate your training and lab access. Two folks at my lab attempt had used your material and all of them had heard of it.

It's good stuff. I wish you guys the best, and thanks again for your excellent labs and Bootcamp.

-Chris McClimans, CCIETM #11041 Security

Mike Dongvillo

"Ya, I really enjoyed the class. It was definitely worth taking. The best thing about it was five 12-14 hour days of nothing but configuration. I had 7 people in my class, so we spent a significant amount of time discussing major issues (redistribution, ATM, VoIP, VLSM, CIDR, etc.).

Had I not taken the class, I honestly don't think I would've passed the Lab on my first try. Simply because the class showed me my weak areas, areas I don't think I would've seen in my home lab by myself."

-Mike Dongvillo, CCIETM #8187

Michael Brady

"I highly recommend this class. I took the class in November and I was very pleased with the class. The content of the Labs in the class is completely different from their subscription package. The class really helped me understand some topics I wasn't clear with, and also some that I thought I understood. It was nice not having to share a complete rack with a partner. I think that you will be very pleased with the class if you attend."

-Michael Brady, CCIETM #8646

Faisal Khan

Hello Marc and Karlynn,

This is Faisal Khan, who attended the R/S Bootcamp on Jan. 13-17. Remember me. Well I have passed the exam thanks to your help. Thank you so much for holding such a Bootcamp, as it was priceless for me on Jan. 20 when I wrote the exam. I missed 1 hour of my exam since they changed the time from 9:00 AM in the morning to 7:30 AM in the morning and I didn't care to notice that on the web site. While I am being in panic mood since I lost 1 hour, my hands were shaking.

However, there are few things that I have learned through the Bootcamp like test taking strategy, some tips here and there. I passed the exam. It was my 3rd attempt when I passed.

Thank you once again.

"To all CCIE Candidate!

Had I not taking this Bootcamp prior to my exam, I probably wouldn't passed. On Jan. 13 - 17, I was in the Bootcamp taking R/S with Scott Morris. Amazing instructor who not only knows his stuff but was excellent in explaining topics as well as giving tips. With Scott's vest set of knowledge and Marc Russell's amazing lab environment, you will learn things that you can't anywhere else. I was schedule for my exam on Jan. 20, two days after my Bootcamp. So I knew I don't have much time, with this Bootcamp, I learnt some amazing and simple test taking strategy that absolutely helped me on Jan. 20 otherwise I was guaranteed to fail. I only had 6.5 hours to write my exam since I missed 1 hour, I follow what Scott taught me in the Bootcamp, and I made it the next day. Thanks.

To all of you guys at Network Learning for all the help that you gave me. I will definitely attend the next Bootcamp (Security). Even though this training cost me over $4000 US dollar, but it is definitely priceless even if you can pay via MasterCard.

-Faisal Khan, CCIETM #10980

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