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NLI's CCIETM R&S 5-Day Lab Bootcamp Class Details

Class Details

  • Class length is five (5) days, Monday - Friday, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Yes, these are 11 hour days, so come rested and prepared to work. Some days may go much longer if the class gets behind.
  • Class size will be 6-8 students with 8 being the maximum.
  • Classes will mostly be held at our training facility in Henderson, NV, which is just a few minutes outside of Las Vegas. This is our own training facility, not just some rented classroom space. Our classes are held at our own training facilities, and are staffed with our own personnel, not rented classroom space like some of our competitors than run their business out of their homes.
  • This course was designed specifically to prepare students pass their CCIETM R&S Lab Exam.
  • Each student will receive dedicated instructor mentoring as needed to make sure all concepts are completely understood.
  • Each student will have their own POD. Unlike most of our competition, each student will have to work on their own POD. The CCIETM Lab Exam is not a team effort, so your preparation shouldn't be either! Each POD has ten (10) routers and two (2) Catalyst 3550s.
  • Telnet access will be provided to each POD for each student for the duration of the class and for nine (9) days right after the class is over to provide more time to practice. This is a total of fourteen (14) days of telnet 24x7 access. (A $630.00 value!)
  • As part of the class, students will receive a copy of our R&S Practice Labs. (A $399.00 value!) The three labs that you will work on during class are completely different than the ones in our R&S practice labs product.
  • In addition, you will also receive a copy of NLI's Cisco® CCIETM Routing and Switching Lab Guide: Volume I (Pre-Release). (A $89.00 value!)
  • Our courseware and POD hardware have been updated to reflect the current content of the CCIETM Lab Exam including 12.2 IOS issues.
  • Dual Catalyst 3550s are installed in every POD.
  • This class is intense and very fast paced. This class is only for R&S CCIETM candidates that plan to take their Lab Exam within eight (8) weeks or less after class.
  • Please try and work through as many of the Labs in our R&S Practice Labs as possible before you attend class. The better you prepare for class, the more you will get out of it.
  • Our classes have a very high rate of success if you come prepared. Work through as many of the provided R&S Labs as you can before you arrive and join www.routerie.com to help you through this process.
  • Free soda, bottled water, juice, coffee, snacks, bagels, donuts, etc. will be provided during class. Lunch will be brought in for you so you do not have to leave the facility.
  • We can also provide this course on-site for organizations that have multiple students. Please contact us for details.
  • Special hotel accommodations with free broadband Internet and free shuttle service to and from the airport and to and from our training facility. (This is only available at our Henderson, NV location)
  • NLI GUARANTEE! If you do not pass the CCIE� Lab after completing this course you will be able to attend the same course again absolutely FREE! (*As long as an open seat is available in your requested class date. If the class is full you may not get the free 9-days of access to your POD after class is over. In addition, if you received a special discount on your original class you will have to pay the difference before you can attend again)

About the Instructors

Marvin Greenlee - Instructor & Author
CCIE #12237 (R&S)
Email: [email protected]

Marvin Greenlee is a Cisco® Certified Internetwork Expert, CCIETM #12237 (Routing/Switching). Marvin also holds CCNPTM, CCDPTM, and MCSE certifications. He has more than 10 years experience with computers, with the last 4 years focused on Cisco® networking.

Marvin Greenlee teaches our 5-day CCIETM R&S classes.

Please contact Marvin if you have questions about this class.

John Kaberna - Instructor & Author
CCIETM #7146 (R&S and Security)
Email: [email protected]

John Kaberna is a dual Cisco® Certified Internetwork Expert, CCIE #7146 (Routing/Switching and Security). John also holds the CCNPTM, CCDPTM, and CSS 1 certifications. He is the President and principal consultant for Network Consultants Group, Inc. based in Berkeley, CA. He has more than 7 years experience in Cisco® networking and security including planning, designing, implementing, and troubleshooting large multi-protocol networks. John is currently designing and implementing a large retail network and is responsible for the security, performance, and management of their entire network. He also recently completed several major contracts for the U.S. Navy as a Cisco� consultant and trainer. He also writes Cisco® training material and is currently teaching CCIETM courses for Network Learning, Inc.

John Kaberna teaches our 5-day CCIETM Security classes.

Russ Lusignan - Instructor
CCIETM #9473 (R&S)
Email: [email protected]

Russell is a Senior Network Architect working for an Integration company in Toronto. He has previously worked for a global telecommunications company providing consulting to global fortune 1000 customers. He is a published author (Managing Cisco® Security, Syngress) and has been teaching Cisco® classes for 3 years. Russell also holds the following Certifications: CISSP, IPT Voice specialization, CCNPTM, CCNATM, and MCSE

Russ Lusignan teaches our CCIETM R&S classes that are offered in Canada.

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