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Subscribe Now! consists of a collection of Study Guides that address the topics covered on the exams you need to pass to earn Cisco's® CCIE™, CCNP™, and CCNA™ certifications. Each month, at least one and usually two new or updated Study Guides are added to the on-line Study Guide Library.

Each Study Guide consists of the following elements: A Tutorial, written by an expert in the selected topic that explains what you should know about the topic before attempting the actual exam.

At least twenty-five Sample Questions, modeled after those that appear on the CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ written exams, that test your knowledge of the technical topic(s) addressed in that Study Guide's Tutorial.

Whenever appropriate, Laboratory Scenarios are included that allow you to apply your knowledge of the Study Guide topic to a real-world networking application.

Only Subscribers enjoy constant, unlimited access to each portion of every Study Guide during the entire course of their subscription period.

As a subscriber to, you receive unrestricted access privileges to all of the Study Guides in the site's Study Guide Library. This access will end when your subscription ends. Non-subscribers must pay $19.95 to purchase 6-months worth of unrestricted access to just a single Study Guide.

Practice Exams at are dynamically generated from a database of close to 2,000 questions written by the ZONE's community of technical contributors. Currently ZONE Practice Exams are available for Cisco's® CCNA™ Exam, CCNP™ Routing Exam, and the CCIE™ R / S Written Exam. The exams are computer based and when you've completed taking one, you submit your answers, and receive an on-line scoring summary that informs you of your final score, identifies your incorrect answers, and provides you with the answers & explanations for each question. Subscribers receive four Practice Exam passes for every month they subscribe and may use those passes for any Practice Exam at any time during their active subscription term. Non-subscribers can pay $35 to take a set of five Practice exams of their choosing and have ninety days from the date they order the exams, to complete them.

New Study Guides are posted at on the first business day of each month. A new version of each Practice Exam is posted at mid-month.

A three-month subscription to costs just $67.00. A six-month subscription is an even better deal at a cost of just $99. A 12-month subscription is the best value at a cost of $179.

If you're not a subscriber and you wish to take the set of five Practice Exams, the cost for doing so is $35. You'll have have ninety days from the date you order the exams, to complete all five.

Multi-User Licenses also available

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