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CCNA™ Exam Topics -- applies to old "507" exam, not new "607" exam

For the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Version 2.0 examination Cisco has adopted a policy of publishing core areas of study rather than exam objectives. This has left many wondering what information they need to know in order to successfully pass the CCNA 2.0 exam. The author has developed a detailed CCNA exam blueprint in an attempt to define the core competencies required to pass the exam. It does not necessarily reflect what the actual exam is or will be because the exam is constantly changing. This information should be used solely as a study aid to help gauge your capability of successfully passing the CCNA exam.

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Author: Leigh Anne Chisholm

Technical Level: CCNA™

Date of Issue: 10-01-2023
Rating:   3 of 5  

 Table of Contents

 60 Study Questions

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