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Three Ways To Get Inside the ZONE

Throughout the Certification Zone website, visitors will find padlocks alongside descriptions of the Study Guide and Practice Exam products. When these padlocks are shown in a locked position, like this , it indicates the visitor does not have access to that information. When the padlock is shown in an open position, like this , it means the visitor does have access.

There are currently three ways Visitors to Certification Zone can unlock padlocks encountered at the site, and gain access to the information they protect.

1. Become a ZONE Subscriber - unlocks all the padlocks
2. Purchase targeted access - unlocks the specific padlocks of your choice
3. Become a ZONE Member - provides limited access to ZONE-selected areas

1. Become a paid Certification Zone SUBSCRIBER
ZONE Subscribers receive the following privileges:

  • Unrestricted access to each of the outstanding Study Guides now included in Certification Zone's Study Guide Library
    As of July 2001, the ZONE's Study Guide Library included 39 Study Guides. ZONE Subscribers have full-unrestricted access to every Tutorial, Practice Question, and Lab Scenario found in each of these outstanding Study Guides during the life of their subscription term.

  • Unrestricted access to all new Study Guides added to the ZONE's Study Guide Library during the life of your subscription term
    At least one and usually two new Study Guides are added to the ZONE's on-line library each and every month.

  • Free access to the ZONE Practice Exam Center and the ability to to take multiple Practice Exams.
    (i.e 12-month ZONE Subscribers get 48 Practice Exam accesses which they can use whenever they want during the course of their subscription.)

  • Weekly Challenge Questions
    Each week, Certification Zone Subscribers receive at least two challenge questions that test their knowledge of the topics addressed on Cisco's® CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ certification exams.

  • Discounts off the enrollment fees for all Instructor-led training courses co-sponsored by Certification Zone

  • Discounts off all books and CD-ROM references featured at Shopping ZONE of Certification Zone

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    2. Purchase targeted access
    It is possible to purchase one-time access to any Study Guide or Practice Exam featured at Certification Zone.

  • To purchase access to an individual Study Guide, select the topic you wish to purchase and you'll be taken to a web page that describes the contents of that Study Guide. On this page you'll find the price for purchasing one-time access to the Study Guide and a "Purchase This Study Guide Now" option. When Study Guides are purchased individually, the buyer receives three months worth of on-line access to the information and is permitted to make one hard copy of the complete Study Guide for future reference.

  • To purchase access to a Certification Zone Practice Exam, select the exam you wish to purchase and you'll be taken to a web page from which you'll be able to order the exam. Once you've purchased access, you'll be permitted to take the exam one time and receive a complete scoring analysis of your effort. The analysis will remain available to you at the site for future reference.

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    3. Become a Certification Zone Member
    Membership is free and here's what ZONE Members receive

  • Limited access to a portion of the current month's Study Guide(s) - Each month, Certification Zone adds at least one and usually two new Study Guides addressing topics covered on Cisco's® CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ certification exams. Each of these Study Guides are comprised of a Tutorial, a set of Practice Questions, and, whenever appropriate to the topic, at least one lab scenario. As each new Study Guide is posted, ZONE Members are notified via e-mail and informed which components they have access too. This access lasts for the calendar month.

  • Weekly Challenge Questions - Each week, Members of Certification Zone receive at least two challenge questions that test their knowledge of the topics addressed on Cisco's© CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ certification exams.

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