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This week, Certification Zone is asking you five questions for you to e-mail your answers to us. CertificationZone will then grade your effort and e-mail you your score.

If you get a perfect score, we will give you a 15% discount off the cost of any of the four (lifetime, 12-month, 6-month, or 1-month) Certification Zone subscription options. Get just one wrong, and you'll earn a 10% discount off the subscription of your choice. Miss two, and you'll receive a 5% discount.

Once you receive your score, you'll have until the end of this month to take advantage of the discount. Cisco certification candidates who have been considering a lifetime Certification Zone subscription can save close to $45 by answering all these questions correctly. A 12-month purchaser would save almost $27. Good luck!

Just copy these 5 questions, remove all the incorrect answers, and e-mail to CertificationZone.

Answers must be received by February 15, 2006.

Question 1.
Which prompt symbol indicates that the router is in Privileged Exec Mode?

a) Router>
b) Router$
c) Router#
d) Router@

Question 2.
Which of the following is an acceptable server type for software and configuration file downloads?

d) all of these are correct

Question 3.
Which component of PPP is responsible for negotiating and setting up connections?

b) LCP
c) NCP

Question 4.
What is the physical layer difference between DIX Ethernet_II and IEEE 802.3, and to what kind of device is it significant?

a) Heartbeat signal to bridges
b) Jam signal to any L2 host
c) Jam signal to hubs
d) Heartbeat signal to repeaters

Question 5.
If reliability is to be used in the EIGRP composite metric calculation, which K value(s) must be modified?

a) K2 and K3
b) K3
c) K4 and K5
d) K4
e) K5
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