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Collection of Routing & Switching Lab Exercises
for the Cisco® CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ Exams

This collection contains the challenging configuration and design exercises needed to prepare for the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE written exams. The Collection contains 81 configuration, case-study, and troubleshooting exercises that address eight major areas found on Cisco exams including, Basic Router Operation, IOS Features, Bridging & Switching, IP Routing Protocols, WAN Protocols, Non-IP Routing Protocols, Multi-Service & QOS, and Security. Up until now, these exercises have been presented online at the Certification Zone website.

The exercises found in the Collection have been developed by Certification Zone's team of 27 highly skilled networking professionals who are committed to providing world class Cisco certification study resources. In addition to the combined decades of experience that these contributors bring to Certification Zone's Collection, they also have a great understanding of Cisco technologies - twelve of which have their CCIE, nine have their CCNP, and several are published authors of best-selling books on IT and networking.

Jason Sinclair, CCIE #9100 and the Technical Editor of the Collection, has developed the sequence of the exercises found in the Collection so that users can study each topic in a series of labs. In fact, the exercises are in a logical sequence that enables users to apply the knowledge and experience they gain on a lab exercise devoted to a particular topic, to solve the following exercises dealing with that same topic.

The Collection comes with a CD-ROM that includes appropriate initial and solution configs. The CD also includes color graphics such as network diagrams that play an integral part in understanding many of the labs. Each exercise is also cross referenced to the applicable Cisco exam blueprint(s) and includes the hardware topology necessary to complete the scenario. The Collection is housed in a sturdy three-ring binder, making it easy to pull out the specific lab exercises. The equipment needed to complete these exercises is commonly found in many home labs or readily available from several remote rack merchants.

Since Cisco is continually making its Routing & Switching exams more challenging, this Collection is a must-have. In fact, Cisco has already eliminated many questions that simply require a good memory of configuration commands and replaced them with router simulation and case-study problems that require hands-on configuration skills. This Collection of lab exercises is designed to prepare you for this new challenge.

Table of Contents

Section A: Basic Router Operation
Configuring a Terminal Server
Operating Configuration and System Files
Configuring and Using CDP

Section B: IOS Features
Configuring Basic NAT
Configuring Advanced NAT
Configuring DHCP
Configuring DNS

Section C: Bridging and Switching
Designing Switched Networks
Configuring Basic Switching Features
Configuring VLAN's
Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing and MLS
Configuring Advanced Switching Features
Optimizing Spanning Tree
Configuring Basic Catalyst 3550 Features
Configuring Advanced Catalyst 3550 Features
Configuring MPLS without TE
Configuring MPLS with TE
Configuring Token Ring
Troubleshooting Ethernet
Troubleshooting IRB

Section D: IP Routing Protocols
Configuring IP Addressing
Configuring Basic IP Routing Protocols
Configuring Basic IP RIP
Configuring Advanced IP RIP
Configuring Basic IGRP
Configuring Basic EIGRP
Configuring EIGRP Manual Summarization
Configuring EIGRP Neighbor Authentication
Configuring EIGRP Unicast Neighbors
Configuring EIGRP Summarization and Route Redistribution
Configuring EIGRP Scalability Features
Configuring OSPF in a Single Area
Configuring OSPF in Multiple Areas
Configuring Basic ISIS
Configuring Scalable ISIS Networks
Configuring IP Routing Protocol Redistribution
Configuring Routing Protocol Migrations and Independent Features
Configuring Basic eBGP
Configuring Basic iBGP
Configuring Basic BGP Multi-Homing
Configuring Advanced BGP Multi-Homing
Configuring BGP Scalability Features

Section E: WAN Protocols
Designing Basic Wide Area Networks
Designing Advanced Wide Area Networks
Configuring a Frame Relay Switch
Configuring Basic Frame Relay
Configuring Advanced Frame Relay
Configuring X.25 and LAPB
Configuring ISDN with Legacy Dialers
Configuring ISDN with Dialer Profiles
Configuring ISDN Networks
Configuring ATM PVC's
Configuring LANE
Configuring NHRP
Troubleshooting Wide Area Networks
Troubleshooting Frame Relay Networks
Troubleshooting ISDN Networks

Section F: Non-IP Routing Protocols
Configuring Basic IPX Networks
Configuring IPX RIP
Troubleshooting Basic Appletalk Networks
Troubleshooting Advanced Appletalk Networks

Section G: Multi-Service & QoS
Designing Basic Telephony Solutions
Designing Advanced Telephony Solutions
Designing Wireless Networks
Configuring Back to Back VoIP on a Single Router
Configuring Basic Voice Over IP
Configuring Voice Over Frame Relay
Configuring VoIP Digit Manipulation
Configuring VoIP Trunking
Configuring Basic IP Multicast
Configuring QoS Traffic Classification and Policing
Configuring QoS Advanced Queuing
Troubleshooting IP Multicast Networks

Section H: Security
Designing Basic Security Solutions
Designing Advanced Security Solutions
Configuring Basic Router Security
Configuring Basic Network Security
Configuring Advanced Router Security
Configuring Extended Access Lists
Configuring Dynamic Access Lists
Configuring IPSEC

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