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Study Questions 2000 CD-ROM
Over 1300 Study Questions to help you prepare for Cisco's® CCIE™, CCNA™, and CCNP™ certification exams

SQ2000 The assessment tool you need to determine whether you are ready to pass the actual tests.

The study tool you need to help focus your study efforts on the exam topics giving you the most problems!

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  • Each question is written and reviewed by Cisco® certified networking professionals
  • Includes over 600 CCNA™ level questions, over 600 CCIE™ level questions, and over 500 questions similar in structure and content to Cisco's® new CCNP™ exams; Routing, Remote Access and Switching
  • Complete, easy-to-understand explanations for each problem.
  • Comes with testing software that allows you to instantly build and score your own custom exams, by topic or certification
  • None of these questions have ever before been published on CD-ROM
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CCIE™ Study Guide

ISBN: 1890911089

Study Guide

The CD-ROM includes a test simulator which creates practice tests and then scores them for you.

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The CCIE™ Study Guide provides practical study materials to help you prepare for Cisco certification exams. Included are sample questions, helpful explanations, and lab scenarios similar to the ones you'll face during the testing process.

The 600 sample questions are modeled exactly like those on the actual exam. Insightful explanations point out how the correct answers are arrived at. Each question is coded by certification track (CCNA™, CCNP™, CCDA™, CCDP™), a great resource in preparing for those certifications as well. The content covers all the major areas Cisco expects you to know in order to pass your CCIE™.

31 Lab and Trouble-Shooting Scenarios simulate the grueling build-break-restore scenarios you must also complete in order to pass. No other study resource provides help with this part of the certification process.

The companion CD-ROM lets you build your own customized tests from the bank of 600 questions. You can organize test questions by area of study or by Cisco certification track. Extensive reporting features analyze test results and point out areas that need improvement.

The CCIE™ Study Guide is the creation of three Cisco certified training instructors with extensive experience teaching Cisco training classes. Each has earned numerous industry certifications.

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Cisco® Internetwork Troubleshooting
Cisco® Internetwork Troubleshooting is an in-depth and direct extension of the CIT™ course taught in Cisco-approved training centers worldwide. The CIT™ course is recommended training for CCNP™ certification candidates. This book serves as a supplement for those who have taken or will take the course, and as a course replacement for networking professionals who choose not to attend the course. Focusing on upgrading and troubleshooting Cisco® routers, it teaches readers to perform fundamental hardware maintenance and troubleshooting on many different Cisco® routers. Readers will understand basic recovery/upgrade procedures and hardware troubleshooting common to all Cisco® routers. By Dan Farkas and Laura Chappell
ISBN: 1578700922

700 pages plus CD-ROM
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Since a certain level of knowledge is assumed, it is recommended that readers have previously read Cisco Press's Introduction to Cisco® Router Configuration, ISBN 1-57870-076-0. There are no books available that can compete with the actual Cisco® training courseware provided in this book.

Unique content-no other publisher can compete with this official Cisco® coursebook
About the authors
Dan Farkas is a General Manager for Advanced Network Information (ANI), a high quality Cisco Learning Partner. Through ANI Dan not only trains Cisco customers, but also frequently trains Cisco engineers and programmers. For the last 5 years, Dan has been teaching a variety of network configuration, design and troubleshooting classes, including various router, LAN switching and voice/data integration classes. When he's not teaching or writing Dan can be found backpacking and scuba diving around the world or catching some great live music in San Francisco.

Laura Chappell is the senior protocol analyst for the Network Analysis Institute, LLC. She is an established speaker, writer, and consultant who focuses on protocol-level communications to provide troubleshooting, design, and optimization information throughout the world. Laura has been providing Cisco SE/CSE training on IPX/SPX protocol implementation, troubleshooting, and analysis since 1992 and has written numerous books and articles on a variety of networking subjects.
Cisco ATM Solutions
The Cisco Career Certifications program currently supports several professional level Specializations, allowing candidates to validate their mastery of LAN/ATM, network management, voice access, security, or SNA/IP Integration. These Specializations are available to candidates who have already achieved CCNP-level certification, allowing them to add a strategic technology focus to their qualifications. Cisco recommends the CATM course as preparation for the LAN/ATM specialization. By Galina Pildush
ATM Solutions
888 pages

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Cisco ATM Solutions provides readers with a comprehensive, self-paced training tool, helping them prepare for the CCNP specialization exam. Cisco has also recently integrated coverage of ATM into the CCIE Routing and Switching exam. This book will also be of interest to candidates preparing for the CCIE exam, and is a practical introduction to the complex topic of ATM technology and its application in a Cisco environment. The extensive use of configuration examples and lab scenarios will be attractive to anyone searching for a comprehensive reference guide for ATM internetworking using Cisco routers and switches.

Cisco ATM Solutions is based in part on the official Cisco instructor-led training course, Cisco Campus ATM Solutions. The book translates the course content into book format while updating and enhancing the material, allowing students to supplement their classroom experience or learn the material through self-study. This book gives readers a basic understanding of ATM technology and its application in LANs and WANs. Readers learn how to configure Cisco ATM router interfaces, LightStream 1010 ATM switches, and LAN emulation services.
About the author
The author, Galina Diker Pildush, CCIE #3176, CCSI, is the President and a Senior Consultant at Advanced Communications Experts (ACE) Inc. She provides training and course development for Global Knowledge Network Inc., a leading Cisco Training partner in the world. After earning her M.Sc. in Computer Science, she worked for thirteen years for major world-wide corporations in the areas of internetwork design, architecture, network optimization, implementation and project management.
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AppleTalk Pocket Guide

How much should you know about AppleTalk protocols before attempting the Cisco certification exams that include it as an exam objective? This much!

This new pocket-sized networking tool provides the foundation you need to configure and troubleshoot well-behaved AppleTalk networks.

The author, Priscilla Oppenheimer, CNX,CCDP, has an extensive background as a network architect, software developer, technical instructor, and writer of training curriculums. Her husband, Alan Oppenheimer, was one of the creators of AppleTalk, providing the Author with a unique perspective of the technology and how it has evolved.
By Priscilla Oppenheimer
ISBN: 1-890911-13-5

63 pages

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Sample questions, similar to those found on Cisco's certification exams are also included. Test your AppleTalk knowledge level before attempting the actual tests.
AppleTalk Pocket Guide

I. Introduction
  A. Why Learn AppleTalk?
II. AppleTalk Architecture
  A. AppleTalk Internetwork Architecture
  B. AppleTalk Protocol Architecture
    1. AppleTalk and the OSI Reference Model
    2. Overview of AppleTalk Protocols
III. AppleTalk Addressing
  A. Assigning Addresses on a Cisco Router
  B. Dynamic Address Assignment
  C. Discovery Mode
IV. AppleTalk Protocols in More Detail
  A. AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
  B. Datagram Delivery Protocol
  C. Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
    1. End-Node Routing
  D. Zone Information Protocol
  E. Name Binding Protocol
  F. AppleTalk Update Based Routing
  G. Enhanced IGRP for AppleTalk
V. Controlling AppleTalk Traffic
  A. Static Routes
  B. AppleTalk Access Lists
    1. Filtering Cable Ranges
    2. Filtering Zones
VI. Troubleshooting AppleTalk
  A. Show Commands
VII. Conclusions
VIII. Questions
IX. Answers and Explanations
Appendix A Sample AppleTalk Exam Questions, Answers & Explanations
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OSI Reference Model Pocket Guide

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model is the basis for much of modern networking. It is a layered model under which all networking protocols and services are defined. Many attempts at explaining OSI become too abstract and require a very high level of network design knowledge and experience to even begin to understand. This Pocket Guide presents a more practical, user friendly examination of the topic.

The author, Howard C. Berkowitz, CCSI, is an accomplished network designer and instructor who has written two books on network architecture. He effectively utilizes real-life experiences, analogies, and humor to clear up some of the most common confusions and misconceptions associated with the OSI Reference.
By Howard Berkowitz
ISBN: 1-890911-14-3

55 pages
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Sample questions (with correct answers and complete explantions),similar to those found on Cisco's certification exams are included in this reference. They'll help you test your OSI knowledge level before attempting the actual test.

OSI Reference Model Pocket Guide

I. Introduction
II. Standards Bodies and Networking
III. What's A Layer
IV. So Why Layer?
V. The OSI Layers
VI. Practical Layering
VII. Representative Protocols at Various Layers
  A. Application
  B. Presentation
  C. Session
  D. Transport
  E. Network
    1) Hierarchical Addressing
    2) Hierarchical Routing in the Telephone Network
    3) Routers
  F. Data Link
  G. Physical
VIII. Congestion and Flow Control
  A. Buffering
  B. Source Quench
  C. Windowing
IX. Conclusions
X. Questions
XI. Answers & Explanations

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CertZone Study Guides - New

Taken from the monthly postings at the Zone, these hardcopy guides cover an individual topic from the Cisco CCNA™ or CCIE™ exam. Each Study Guide includes:

White Paper: Written by industry experts, explaining in detail what you should know about the topic before attempting the actual exam.

Sample Questions: At least 25 practice questions designed to test your knowledge of the topic or protocol addressed by the accompanying White Paper

Lab Scenario: Whenever appropriate, a lab scenario is included that allows you to apply your knowledge of the Study Guide topic to a real-world networking application.
Topics (with certification level) include:

Access Lists (CCIE™)
AppleTalk (CCIE™)
Basic Router Operation (CCNA™)
Bridging (CCIE™)
Firewalls (CCIE™)
Frame Relay (CCIE™)
Interior Redistribution (CCIE™)
IP Addressing 2nd Edition (CCNA™)
LAN Switching (CCNA™)
Layer 2 Switching (CCNA™)
Network Management (CCNA™)
Network Protocols - IPX (CCNA™)
Network Security (CCNA™)
OSI Reference Model 1st Ed. (CCNA™)
OSI Reference Model 2nd Ed.(CCNA™)
Physical Connectivity (CCNA™)
Routing (CCNA™)
Routing Principles and IOS(CCIE™)
Token Ring (CCIE™)
Topology and IP Addressing(CCNA™)
Voice Over IP (CCIE™)
WAN Protocols (CCNA™)
WANs 2nd Edition (CCNA™)

Each Study Guide averages 35-40 pages.

$19.95 each
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