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SQ2000 Introducing the ZONE's


Over 1300 Study Questions to help you prepare for Cisco's® CCIE™, CCNA™, and CCNP™ certification exams

The assessment tool you need to determine whether you are ready to pass the actual tests.

The study tool you need to help focus your study efforts on the exam topics giving you the most problems!

CertificationZone.com's STUDY QUESTIONS 2000 CD-ROM
  • Each question is written and reviewed by Cisco® certified networking professionals
  • Includes over 600 CCNA™ level questions, over 600 CCIE™ level questions, and over 500 questions similar in structure and content to Cisco's® new CCNP™ exams; Routing, Remote Access and Switching
  • Complete, easy-to-understand explanations for each problem.
  • Comes with testing software that allows you to instantly build and score your own custom exams, by topic or certification
  • None of these questions have ever before been published on CD-ROM
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Here are a few examples of Sample Questions that you will receive when you purchase the Sample Questions 2000 CD-ROM. Our clear, accurate answers and explanations will pave the road to your Cisco® certification success.

Test your metal!


It is easy to find out your strengths and weaknesses with the ZONE's Sample Questions 2000 CD-ROM Scoring Analysis!

The ZONE's uncomplicated scoring analysis will tell you how well you did on the overall exam, as well as, provide you with your performance within each exam topic. Each question, your answer and the correct answer, along with an explanation is also presented.

The scoring analysis gives you real time determination of your certification ability.


The ZONE's question and testing format is a tried and true method used to successfully pass the Cisco® certification exams. Here is what other ZONE customers are saying:

"I just passed the CCIE™ written exam and wanted to let you know that CertificationZone.com's Practice Tests are excellent!!! I used them to help me prepare for the exam and I can attest to the fact that the Zone's practice tests are a good gauge for the real test. I got a 74.8 score on your practice test and an 82% on the actual exam. The explanations you provide on the scoring summary were really good, also. Just keep it coming."
Larry Dwyer

"My Cisco classes used your CCNA™ Study Zone last semester. My students were very impressed with the resources available, especially the SIMULATED EXAMS! We found them to be a great prep tool for the CCNA™ Certification exam"
Bruce Roehrkasse
Cisco Program Director
Central Wyoming College

"I used CertificationZone.com to prep for the CCIE™ written. It was AWESOME... I started taking the Zone's simulated exam about 4 months before taking the real thing. Boy did they kick my butt. I think I got a 36%. I got an understanding of the structure of the questions and the slant that the questions would take. Reviewing the correct answers helped tremendously. After the 4 month period I finally scored an 87%. Two days later I got an 85% on the real exam. That tells me that Howard has done a great job setting the level of the exam extremely close to the real thing."
Joe Martin, CCIE

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