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The New R&S; Lab Exam Workbook That Will Better Prepare You!

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» Contains 24 completely new Lab Exercises
» Includes six 100-point, full-scale labs designed to enhance you ability to respond to the technical challenges on the actual Lab Exam
» Includes eighteen 50-point, technology specific labs to help you develop and refine your configuration skills
» Developed by CCIEs, technical trainers, and consultants
» Includes the support of an outstanding technical and customer service support team

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FREE Study Questions 2003 Bonus!
The completely updated versions of Genium's popular Study Questions CD-ROMs for Cisco certification exams will soon be available. Between now and March 1, 2003, every new 12-month Certification Zone subscriber will receive a FREE downloadable copy of Study Questions 2003 for CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE when they are available. Every existing Certification Zone subscriber who renews their subscription for at least six months will also receive the download of their choice. Order your new or renewal subscription, today.

Study Questions 2002 for the Cisco CCIE R&S; Written Exam

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Study Questions 2002 for the Cisco CCNP Exams

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Study Questions 2002 for the Cisco CCNA Exam

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Save $100 off the enrollment fee for the ZONE sponsored CCIE R&S; Lab Exam Distance Learning Bootcamps

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CCIE Security Lab Exam Workbook
Subscribers Save: $45
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CSS1 Lab Exam Workbook
Subscribers Save: $10
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