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This Practice Exam is designed to better prepare you for Cisco's® BSCI Exam (Exam No: 640-901), one of a series of four exams that must be passed to earn CCNP™ certification.

Number of Questions: 75
Passing Score: 700
Time Limit: 90 minutes

Each time this exam is requested, a new specially configured selection of 75 questions is drawn from the current database of over 1200 CCNP-level questions.

This exam consists of multiple choice questions. Mark your responses to each question by checking the box to the left of the answer letter. Note that some multiple choice questions require more than one response.

We recommend that you quit all other applications before starting the exam. If, while taking the exam, your computer becomes unusable or you are unable to complete the entire test, you will be able to return to your partially completed exam at a later date. You do this via the View Your Previous Quiz Results link in the ZONE's Practice Exam Center Window located at the Home Page. (Note: You must be logged in to to activate the Previous Quiz Results link.

The real exam must be completed in the time allowed. The simulated exam also keeps track of the time you use to complete it. The clock starts when you begin the exam and stops when you submit your answer to the last question of the exam. When viewing your exam results, the elapsed time indicates how long you spent on the exam.

If you are a 12-month subscriber to, you may request up to 48 Practice Exams during your active subscription period without having to pay any exam fees. Likewise, 6-month subscribers may request a total of 24 Practice Exams and 3-month subscribers 12 Exams.

Non-subscribers who pay the exam fee can request and take this exam up to five times.

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