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Five-Step Preparation Kit for
Passing the Cisco CCNA Exam

How to use:
(Users have 90 days access to complete the following)

1. Each Study Guide listed to the right includes a set of fifteen to thirty Study Questions. Beginning with the first Study Guide on the list, attempt to answer the Study Questions in each of the thirteen Study Guides.
2. As soon as you've answered four questions incorrectly in any Study Guide, carefully review the Tutorial included with that Study Guide. It explains the topic's key technical concepts.
3. After you've completed this exercise with all thirteen CCNA Exam Study Guides included on the accompanying list, begin taking the ZONE's Practice Exam for the Cisco CCNA Exam, using the link provided below.
4. Each time you complete a Practice Test, carefully review the explanations included on the Test's scoring summary, especially for those questions you answered incorrectly.
5. Once you've achieved a passing score on three successive ZONE Practice Exams, you are prepared to pass the actual Cisco CCNA Exam.

*These Study Guides also include Lab Scenario exercises. The Cisco CCNA exam now contains router simulations. If you have not had hands-on experience configuring Cisco routers, completing these scenarios is an excellent way to practice for these router simulation questions.

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Should you successfully complete the five steps included in the ZONE's Five-Step Preparation Kit for the Cisco CCNA Exam, and then fail the Cisco CCNA exam, the ZONE will either refund your money or permit you continued access to the on-line Kit until you do pass the Cisco test. You make the choice.


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