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"I think is one of the best sites of its kind with the most qualified authors/contributors. I use the Study Guides daily in my job."

Jeff Soucy, CCNP, CCNA
Webster Bank
Bristol, CT

"Absolutely the best !! I was drowning in the ocean of the networking information you need to know for the exam. Zone have created a navigation map and took me through the stormy CCNA ocean. So well organised and concise !! How did you do it guys ?!?!"

Anna Grichina, CCNA
AMP Services Limited

"I just took (the CCNA� exam) this Saturday AND I PASSED FIRST TIME!!...Thanks for having a great sight. I know it helped me tremendously. I shall tell all my friends to definitely go to THE CERTIFICATION ZONE!!!!"

Victoria Gray, CCNA
"You're study materials have helped my understanding of networking topics tremendously. I work for a major ISP and deal with WAN issues 99.999% of the time, the study guides for the lan switching test has helped with my prep work for the Cisco Lan switching test."

J.M. Manning, CCNA

"My Cisco�� classes used your CCNA� Study Zone last semester. My students were very impressed with the resources available, especially the SIMULATED EXAMS! We found them to be a great prep tool for the CCNA� Certification exam... the White Papers are great resources along with the sample questions that accompany each topic. We look forward to using the site again this spring."

Bruce Roehrkasse
Cisco� Program Director
Central Wyoming College

"I'm writing this to tell you how much I appreciated the Certification Zone web site. I felt that the [STUDY GUIDES] were very well thought out, informative, and well written... They helped me fill in some blanks that the (Cisco Networking Academy) curriculum left sketchy. [Your site's] simulated practice exams were an excellent tool to judge my progress and to identify my weak areas. The explanations given after each question were very helpful. ....With the knowledge and confidence that I received from this site, (and a lot of studying), I earned a score of 914/1000 on the CCNA exam."

Michael P. Donnelly, CCNA
"Your Site took the guess work out of taking the Exam. It is my intent to know my field. I wanted to know the material and not just memorize the material. My goal is to attain CCIE� status. I am now seeking the CCNP�. Next week I take the CLSC� and the ACRC�. Your website is the reason for my confidence in even considering the task. I thank you for the help... and keep up the outstanding job."

Daniel A Calix, CCNA
"The ZONE is the best certification site I have found for Cisco, and I'm pretty sure I've seen them all. Other than the occasional typo and missing graphic, the practice tests are second to none."

Ray Brehm, CCNP, CCNA
United Computer Sales & Service, Inc.
Cherry Hill, NJ

"The material (at is presented in a very professional and concise manner. The contributors of the material seem to be very knowledgeable and go the extra distance to explain concepts and fundamentals. This was very helpful to me because if I get hung up on a particular topic, it is extremely difficult to build off it. Kudos to the creators of the site and the staff which operates it. I would recommend this technical site to anyone who was serious about becoming Cisco certified as well as a great technical reference site."

Steve Gitto, CCNA
CSP Inc.
Plymouth, MN

"( was very helpful towards learning the materials and passing the test. I would go so far as to say that I couldn't have done as well as I did (93) without my subscription to your web services....Thank you!"

Kip McDowell, CCNA
"The ZONE helped me pass the CCNA exam by enabling me to study certain topics more in depth to more fully understand the "why?" behind the answers."

Manny Shah, CCNA
Gardena, CA

"The ZONE is an excellent site. It gives you more in-depth knowledge than is really required to pass the CCNA exam and helps you to really understand the Cisco networking process. Your (Practice Exam) questions are much harder than the actual exam which helped me to know the material inside-out. The ZONE's OSI Pocket Guide is also invaluable. I still use it to refresh my memory."

Liz Howell, CCNA
Milton, FL

"Easy to navigate, excellent content. (The ZONE) gives me encouragement to continue with Cisco certifications."

Thomas Cozzi, CCNA
Naperville, IL

"The ZONE is a good site for Cisco info...and probably the best one for written exam information."

Phillip Jenkins, CCNA
San Francisco, CA

"The ZONE has been very clear and concise in its advice and requirements for passing (Cisco certification) tests and the Tutorials have been written in a very professional and informative manner."

Jack Wikinski, CCNA
Raanana, Israel

"The ZONE CCNA-level Study Questions and Practice Exams were great... preparation. I think the ZONE is a very useful site for anyone who thinks about pursuing Cisco studies. A must in order to prepare for exams."

Bahram Chaboki, CCNA
Glenview, IL

"It's helpful to have a real-time site like the ZONE for study purposes. As technology changes and evolves almost daily, its critical that the material being studied changes with the technology"

Donald Roy, CCNA
Seattle, WA

"I teach in a Cisco Networking Academy and use the ZONE's Challenge Questions in class as well as using the Study Guides and Practice Exams to further my own certification goals."

Richard Kuhn, CCNA
West Union, OH

"The ZONE helped me a lot to succeed in CCNA, thanks to your Tutorials and Study Questions. It was well invested money. ..I would recommend it for everyone that wish to pass the Cisco exams."

Fabio Muller, CCNA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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