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Cisco Switching 11-01-03
The new CCIE/CCNP level Study Guide for November, New Generation of Cisco Switching by Howard Berkowitz, is now available.
CCIE Security Practice Exam 10-01-03
Our new 100-question, CCIE Security Exam that will help you assess your knowledge level of Cisco-related security technologies is now available. There are also many questions that address the CCSP exams and the security aspects found on the CCIE R&S; and CCNP exams.
How to Study VPNs 10-01-03
The new CCIE/CCNP level Study Guide for October, How to Study VPNs by Howard Berkowitz, is now available.
Limited Time Subscription Offer 10-01-03
Get a free Certification Zone t-shirt when you order a 12-month subscription.
PIX Firewall 09-02-03
The new CCIE/CCNP level Study Guide for September, PIX Firewall Configuration by Michael Connelly, is now available.
Layer 3 VPNs 08-01-03
The new CCIE/CCNP level Study Guide for August, Layer 3 VPNs by Galina Pildush, is now available.
Zone's Lab Collection 08-01-03
81 Exercises to help you prepare for the Cisco R&S Exams. Find out how to get your copy FREE!
Practice Exam Update 08-01-03
We've just updated our CCNP Switching Practice Exam for 640-604.
The Other VPNs 07-01-03
The new CCIE/CCNP level Study Guide for July, The Other VPNs: It's not all MPLS by Annlee Hines, is now available.
IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing 06-02-03
The new CCIE/CCNP level Study Guide for June, IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing and Services by Howard Berkowitz, is now available.
FREE Tutorial Access 05-13-03
All visitors can now freely access a portion of every Tutorial. Find out why there's no better source for concise overviews of the key topics covered on Cisco exams.
High Availability 05-01-03
This month's new CCIE/CCNP level Study Guide, Cisco High Availability Techniques by Howard Berkowitz is now available.
Routing & Switching Lab Exercise Workbook 05-01-03
Contains 80 of Certification Zone's configuration, troubleshooting, and case study exercises in a convenient hard copy format. Order your copy now!
Product Update 05-01-03
Version 2.0 of the CCIE Security Lab Workbook is now available and includes coverage of Cat 3550 layer2 and layer3.
New Certification Zone Web Site is Live! 05-01-03
The standard for online Cisco exam preparation assistance has been raised yet again. Take a FREE Exam Assessment and build your own Personal Study Zone to find out how.
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07/10/03 - Certification Zone Establishes Partnership with Bradshaw Labs
05/13/03 - Collection of R&S; Lab Exercises Workbook Release
05/07/03 - Certification Zone v3 Launch
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