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Lab Workbook for the Cisco® CCIE™ Security Lab Exam
By Hello Computers

Includes Comprehensive Coverage on Catalyst 3550 Layer2 and Layer3

In order to pass Cisco's CCIE Security Lab Exam, you must exhibit a practical knowledge of complex network security, all while under the pressure of time limitations. The most effective way of preparing for this exam is to practice complex multi-protocol scenarios that address the same technologies found on the exams as well as understand the theory behind those technologies. This CCIE Security Exam Lab Workbook is the only resource comprising well-designed exercises with thorough explanations that enable you to do just that.

The CCIE Security Lab Exam Workbook contains well-conceived exercises that were developed and tested by the technical staff of Hello Computers, under the direction of Keyur Shah, CCIE #4799 Security. The scenarios are designed by CCIE certified networking professionals to work on the same physical topology used for the real Cisco exam. The topology is also available to purchasers of the Workbook via remote access.

Important facts about the workbook:

  • Written by a team of CCIE security certified instructors.
  • Includes coverage of all topics found in the CCIE Security blueprint.
  • Contains 16 Labs in total.
  • Contains 4 comprehensive, full-scale eight-hour Labs
  • Includes 12 Labs that are designed to be completed in four hours
  • All 16 Labs are designed to work on the same physical rack setup
  • Every Lab addresses core topics consisting of frame relay, ISDN, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, basic switching, and Basic PIX™ firewall
  • All Labs are broken down into five key sections, including:

    Section 1: Routing; Switching and PIX™ Firewall Fundamentals
    Section 2: Managing Cisco Network Security (MCNS™)
    Section 3: PIX Advanced
    Section 4: Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
    Section 5: Intrusion Detection System (IDS™)

  • 24 hours of rack access is included to help you work on the Workbook's Labs

The Lab Workbook for Cisco® CCIE™ Security Lab Exam Preparation has been specifically designed for engineers with classroom, textbook, and hands-on experience. This product is NOT a preparation tool for the CCIE Security qualification (written) exam. It is specifically designed for CCIE Security Lab Exam preparation. By purchasing, or completing this workbook, the Publisher makes NO guarantee that you will pass the actual CCIE Security Lab Exam. This product was designed to cover the technologies that Cisco Systems recommends be mastered by candidates for this specific certification.

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