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The ZONE GUARANTEE guarantees that any Purchaser of a ZONE Study Questions CD who first passes a ZONE-produced Practice Exam will pass Cisco's version of that same exam on their next attempt. If they fail to do so, the ZONE will pay Purchaser a full refund of the purchase price she/he paid for the CD (not including shipping charges).

Here's how the Guarantee works. When you order a ZONE Study Questions CD for a specific exam, you'll also receive five free passes to take the ZONE's online practice version of the same exam. After you've used the Study Questions CD and feel confident enough to attempt the Cisco test, you must take the ZONE's online version of the Practice Exam for that same test, using one of the free passes you received when you purchased your Study Questions CD. If you pass the online version of the ZONE's Practice Exam and subsequently fail the Cisco version you qualify to receive a complete refund of the purchase price (not including shipping charges) you paid for your copy of the ZONE's Study Questions CD.

To receive this refund, Study Question CD Purchasers must return their copy of the Study Questions CD-ROM and submit proof that they have subsequently failed the Cisco version of the same exam.

CD Purchasers have up to one year after they've purchased the CD to use their five free practice exams online at If after one year the Purchaser has still not passed the ZONE's online practice exam, this Guarantee will become invalid. Purchasers who purchase CD from someone other than must apply for their refunds directly with the organization from whom the CD was originally purchased. Check to make sure the vendor is participating in the guarantee offer before making your purchase.


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