How Certification Zone Works for You

How Certification Zone works to help you prepare for and
pass the Microsoft® MCSA™ and MCSE™ certification exams

Certification Zone is the affordable self-study resource that can help you get your MCSA� and MCSE� Windows 2000/2003 Certifications. There are a variety of exam paths you can take to earn these certifications. Joining this site will help you efficiently focus your pursuit by recommending and preparing you for a specific path to each certification.

Certification Zone's Microsoft certified experts are currently developing a series of eight on-line Study Guides. Each of these Study Guides includes a Tutorial that overviews and explains the concepts and skills addressed on one of the targeted exams. Each includes a Study Quiz that permits you to assess your knowledge-level of the concepts and skills you'll be tested on, with questions that are similar to those you'll encounter on the actual exams. And each Study Guide includes Lab Exercises that require you to practice, develop, and apply these same concepts and skills to real-world Windows applications.

These Certification Zone Study Guides address the over 400 concepts and skills you'll need to understand and master if you want to fulfill your goal of becoming Microsoft Certified. If you have not yet passed any of the exams, we recommend you complete all the Study Guides available for a specific certification before you attempt any. Our experts have helped thousands earn Microsoft certifications and they believe the key to being able to pass these individual tests is an understanding of the "bigger picture."

Here are Certification Zone's three steps to success on MCSA and MCSE Exams on Windows 2000/2003:

1. Create Your Personal Study Zone

The first step to using Certification Zone to help you become Microsoft Certified is to take the Zone's on-line MCSA or MCSE Exam Readiness Assessment. Doing so is free, quick, and simple - just visit our Exam Readiness Assessment area and choose which of the two certifications you are preparing for. The assessments are made up of study questions from each of the Study Guides Certification Zone will make available for the targeted certification. Once you've completed the MCSA or MCSE Readiness Assessment, you'll receive an e-mail containing your scoring analysis for the Assessment and a link to your own Personal Study Zone via email.

Your Personal Study Zone converts your results on the Assessment into a customized study plan, linking you directly to the Tutorials, Study Quizzes and Lab Exercises you must complete to prepare yourself for the exams you must pass to get the certification you desire.

Certification Zone users have unrestricted access to these Study Guides. If you're not yet a Subscriber, you can still access the introductory portion of each Tutorial, so that you can see for yourself the quality, scope, and value of the information they contain.

2. Become a Certification Zone User

To use the study resources recommended in your study plan, you need to purchase access to the series of Study Guides for the specific Microsoft certification that you're pursuing. Your purchase gives you twelve-months of access to the Study Guides. If after twelve months, you submit proof that you have still not earned either the MCSE or MCSA certification, then Certification Zone will continue your access to the Study Guides at no additional cost until you do.

3. Complete Your Personal Study Plan

To begin your path towards success on Microsoft's MSCE and/or MCSA exams, all you need to do subscribe and then visit your Personal Study Zone and sequentially read the top-notch resources that we have custom assembled for you. Certification Zone's resources incorporate a step-by-step methodology that incorporates Tutorials that are written by industry experts to explain key technical topics, and Quizzes and Lab Scenarios that test, review, and apply these topics.

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* During this introductory phase for Certification Zone's new Study Zone for Microsoft certifications, some of the MCSA and MCSE Study Guides are not yet available. Currently, we have three Study Guides applicable to both the MCSA and MCSE certifications. In the next few weeks and before June, 2004, all six of the Study Guides necessary to achieve MCSA Certification and all seven Study Guides needed to prepare for the MCSE exams will be live and fully functional at Certification Zone.

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