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Practice Exams

Full-length practice tests that cover all the topics included on Cisco's exam blueprints
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Certification Zone's dynamically generated Practice Exams test your overall knowledge of the technical topics found on Cisco's CCNA™, CCNP™ and CCIE™ exams. All of Certification Zone's Practice Exams are randomly created from an extensive database of questions written by Certification Zone's experts. Certification Zone's unique and comprehensive scoring analysis indicates which areas require more focus by technical topic, identifies correct and incorrect answers, and provides answers and explanations for questions.

Practice Exams for Cisco's CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE Certifications
Topic Questions Passing Score Time Limit
CCNA (#640-607) Practice Exam 65 822 75 Minutes
CCNP Support (#640-606) Practice Exam 70 700 85 Minutes
CCNP Remote Access (#640-605) Practice Exam 70 700 85 Minutes
CCNP Switching (#640-604) Practice Exam 60 700 75 Minutes
CCNP BSCI (#640-901) Practice Exam 75 700 90 Minutes
CCIE (#350-001) Practice Exam 100 755 120 Minutes

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