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Concise explanations of key technical topics found on Cisco's® CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ exams

Author: Howard C. Berkowitz

Focus: CCNA, Switching & CCIE R&S;

Issue Date: Jun 8, 2023

30-Question Study Quiz

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New Age Bridging and Switching

Cisco has made a major change in its switch products that is gradually being reflected in all certification exams. Many of Cisco's earlier switches were obtained through acquisition. As a result, there was an assortment of implementation-dependent user interfaces. Cisco began converging on the CatOS interface of the 5000 series, but then decided to use the IOS interface for all switches and routers. To support some Layer 2 (L2) specific switching features, new commands were added to IOS, but the command interface is the same as you learned for basic router configuration.

We will begin with a basic discussion of bridging and switching, get into the detailed 802.1d bridging algorithm, discuss Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) and some of their features including security, and close with a discussion of the 2950 switch series. The 2950 is Cisco's simplest production switch, and the main one used by CCNA candidates.

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