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AppleTalk Pocket Guide
By Priscilla Oppenheimer

AppleTalk is a multi-layered protocol providing internetwork routing, transaction and data stream service, naming service, and comprehensive file and print sharing. This pocket-sized networking resource provides the foundation you need to configure and troubleshoot well-behaved multi-service platforms and AppleTalk networks. Priscilla Oppenheimer, CNX ,CCNP, CCDP, concisely explains the necessity of learning the details of the AppleTalk protocol, the AppleTalk Architecture, as well as the unique considerations of AppleTalk Addressing, Routing, and Troubleshooting in just 63 pages. She has an extensive background as a network architect, software developer, technical instructor, and writer of training curriculums. Her husband, Alan Oppenheimer, was one of the creators of AppleTalk, providing her with a unique perspective of the technology and how it has evolved.

AppleTalk Pocket Guide

    I. Introduction
      A. Why Learn AppleTalk?
    II. AppleTalk Architecture
      A. AppleTalk Internetwork Architecture
      B. AppleTalk Protocol Architecture
        1. AppleTalk and the OSI Reference Model
        2. Overview of AppleTalk Protocols
    III. AppleTalk Addressing
      A. Assigning Addresses on a Cisco Router
      B. Dynamic Address Assignment
      C. Discovery Mode
    IV. AppleTalk Protocols in More Detail
      A. AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
      B. Datagram Delivery Protocol
      C. Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
        1. End-Node Routing
      D. Zone Information Protocol
      E. Name Binding Protocol
      F. AppleTalk Update Based Routing
      G. Enhanced IGRP for AppleTalk V. Controlling AppleTalk Traffic
        A. Static Routes
        B. AppleTalk Access Lists
          1. Filtering Cable Ranges
          2. Filtering Zones
    VI. Troubleshooting AppleTalk
      A. Show Commands
    VII. Conclusions
    VIII. Questions
    IX. Answers and Explanations
    Appendix A Sample AppleTalk Exam Questions, Answers & Explanations

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