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How Certification Zone Works for You

How Certification Zone works to help you prepare for and
pass the Cisco® CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ certification exams

1. Create Your Personal Study Zone

It's easy to create your Personal Study Zone. Just visit our Personal Study Zone page and answer three simple questions about your next Cisco Certification Exam. A few moments after submitting your answers, you'll receive an email containing the URL to your very own Personal Study Zone page.

At this page, you'll find your individualized Study Plan for passing your next Cisco exam. It will include links to each of the Certification Zone Study Guides you must complete during your studies.

Zone Study Guides contain the following learning tools:

Tutorials - Concise, expert-written explanations of the key technical topics you must master to pass your next Cisco exam.

Study Quizzes - Help you assess your level of understanding of each exam topic.

Lab Scenarios - Test your ability to apply your knowledge of an exam topic to a real-world netwoking application. Certification Zone's Lab Scenarios help prepare you for the router simulation questions now found on many Cisco exams.

Certification Zone Subscribers enjoy unrestricted access to each and every Study Guide available. If you're not yet a Zone Subscriber, Certification Zone gives you FREE unrestricted access to the Tutorial's, Quizzes, and Lab Scenarios found in the first two Study Guides listed in your Study Plan.

2. Subscribe to Certification Zone

To complete your Study Plan you need to become a Certification Zone Subscriber. Certification Zone offers one-month, six-month, and twelve-month subscription terms.

How long should you subscribe for? When you create your Personal Study Zone at Certification Zone, it will contain the dates by which you need to complete each Study Guide in order to be prepared for your next planned Cisco exam. Base the length of your Certification Zone subscription on the latest date listed in your Study Plan.

Keep in mind that your satisfaction as a multi-month Certification Zone Subscriber is guaranteed. If you subscribe for more than one month and discover you're not more than completely satisfied with what the site offers, you can cancel your subscription at any time and we'll promptly refund the value of the unused portion of your subscription.

3. Complete Your Personal Study Plan

Certification Zone's self-study methodology is a proven four-step learning approach that incorporates explanation, review, application, and comprehensive testing.

Each exam topic is explained with Tutorials written by industry experts. Once you've read a Tutorial, you take a Study Quiz to help you review the material and make sure you understand what you've read. Your most recent scores on Study Quizzes are posted at your Personal Study Zone, and you don't move on to the next Tutorial until you've passed the Study Quiz for the Tutorial you've just completed.

Hands-on practice is critical to the Cisco exam-preparation process, and you get plenty of it as a Certification Zone Subscriber. By completing the Lab Scenarios we include for each appropriate exam topic, you prepare yourself to apply what you've learned to real-world networking applications.

4. Pass the Zone's Practice Exam

Once you've completed your Study Plan, it is time to attempt Certification Zone's full-length, multi-topic Practice Exam. Pass the Practice Exam three consecutive times and you're ready to pass the real-life Cisco test!

"Certification Zone has been very beneficial to my studies...the Zone's in-depth explanations are sometimes better than those found in Cisco's own manuals."

Bill McFadden

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"Certification Zone bridges the gap between theory and practical experience."

Elil Raj
JSI Netsystems, Piscataway, NJ

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"Your site has given me the opportunity to one-stop shop for the best written Tutorials on all of the latest technologies."

Joe Knox
St. Jacob, IL

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"Your site offers the tools needed to pass the exams, hands down."

John Manning
Fleet, Troy, NY

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"I have found that your resources are probably the best on the market...and I work at Cisco :)."

Anonymous Cisco Engineer
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