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Study Guide Archive

Study Guides that have been removed from the main listings for a variety of reasons

The Study Guide Archive contains Certification Zone material that is no longer active for one reason or another, but that still may be very helpful for learning about a particular networking technology.

These Guides have been removed from active service for several reasons including the following:

  • The topic is no longer relevant to a particular certification because of changes in the certification requirements.
  • The Study Guide has been superceeded by a later edition or revision. The older version may cover a minor topic not seen in the new version or may present the topic in a different way.

    Archived Study Guides
    Topic Focus Comments
    AppleTalk CCIE & Security Topic no longer covered on CCIE exams.
    ATM I CCIE Cisco no longer lists ATM as a CCIE exam topic
    ATM II CCIE Cisco no longer lists ATM as a CCIE exam topic
    CCNA Exam Topics CCNA Applies to the old "507" exam, not the new "607" exam.
    EIGRP CCNP & CCIE Replaced by new EIGRP Study Guide.
    Hierarchical Design Model CCNA & CCNP Cisco no longer lists HDM as a CCNA exam topic.
    Interior Redistribution CCNP & CCIE Replaced by new Interior Redistribution 2nd Ed.
    IP Routing CCNA & CCNP Except for IGRP coverage in this 1st edition, see 2nd Edition IP Routing for CCNA.
    IPX CCNA The IPX protocol is no longer covered on the CCNA exam.
    Network Management CCNA Replaced by new Network Management 2nd Ed.
    OSI Reference Model, 1st Ed. CCNA See also OSI Model, 2nd Edition.
    Routing and Switching Prep CCIE This is specifically for the old 2-day lab exam; still good study tips and pointers, though.
    Voice Over IP CCIE Replaced by new VoIP Study Guide.

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