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Exam Readiness Assessments

Sets of questions that help assess your readiness to pass Cisco's� CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ certification exams
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Once you click the button to begin your exam, a new window will open displaying the first exam question. Mark your responses to each question by checking the box to the left of the answer letter. Note that some multiple choice questions require more than one response.

We recommend that you quit all other applications before starting the exam. If, while taking the exam, your computer becomes unusable, do not attempt to submit the exam. Instead, after resetting your system, return to this page and begin the exam again. The previous answers will be lost.

In order to maintain accuracy of the Exam Readiness Assessment, it is important that you do not answer any questions unless you are highly certain of their answers. That's because the results of your exam will directly influence your prescribed Certification Zone learning path and consequently change your personalized Certification Zone homepage.

Exam: CCNP Support Advanced Assessment Exam

Number of Questions: 70
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