Demo Exam

This is the current version of a demo exam that is designed to simulate: The Certification Exams available at

Number of Questions: 10
Passing Score: 70%
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

This demo is designed to present a small sampling of the questions you will encounter on the site's full version simulated certification exams.

The demo exam consists of 10 multiple choice questions. Five of the questions address CCNA exam objectives and the other five address CCIE exam objectives. For the multiple choice questions, mark your responses to each question by checking the box to the left of the answer letter. Note that some multiple choice questions may require more than one response.

We recommend that you quit all other applications before starting the exam. If, while taking the exam, your computer becomes unusable, do not attempt to submit the exam. Instead, after resetting your system, return to this page and begin the exam again. The previous answers will be lost.

Once you've submitted your answers to this demo exam, your scoring analysis will be presented. The summary will tell you how well you did on the exam overall as well as provide you with your performance within each exam topic. Each question, your answer and the correct answer, along with an explanation will also be presented.

Complete definitions of the exam topics and objectives can be viewed by clicking on the designation for the objective (e.g., A, E7, d1, etc.) in the scoring analysis. The objectives appear in a new, separate browser window. To return to your scoring analysis, simply close the window containing the exam objectives.

This demo exam will not monitor how long you spend on the exam. Instead, you must keep track of the time yourself.

The demo exam questions are downloaded in one group. Check that you have received the full set of demo exam questions before beginning. Scroll down to the bottom of the exam to verify that you have 10 questions. If your network connection fails for any reason during the download, do not submit the test. Instead, simply return to this page and begin the exam again.

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