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The Completely New Workbook You've Been Waiting For To Help You Prepare for the New Cisco CCIE R&S; Lab Exam Debuting This November!

  • Contains 24 brand new lab exercises specifically designed to address the new Cisco blueprint for the CCIE R&S; Lab Exam.
  • Includes 6, 100-point, full-scale labs that take approximately eight hours to complete and are designed to provide the same level and scope of technical challenge you'll encounter when you take the new CCIE Lab Exam beginning in November.
  • Includes 18, 50-point technology specific labs that were put together to specifically help you develop, practice, and refine your configuration skills in each of the individual protocols and technologies covered by the new exam.
  • Each exercise was designed and tested by CCIEs from scratch and the same topography they used is available to every Workbook owner, remotely, at very affordable rates.
  • The developers of this Workbook are CCIEs and professional trainers, therefore they've made sure the Workbook's exercises focus special attention on the topics that are more difficult-to-understand like IS-IS, BGP, Voice, QOS, MPLS, IPV6, Mobile, IP, ISL, Inter VLAN Routing, Spanning Tree, and Multicast.
  • Includes Cisco Catalyst 3550 EMI Labs.
  • Includes a CD containing complete documentation for all of the 24 exercises.
  • Laminated network diagrams included for each of the six full scale labs.

See a Complete List of Lab Scenarios

You're Purchasing More Than Just a Workbook...

  • Every Workbook owner will be invited to attend FREE, live, on-line, instructor-led sessions that take you on step-by-step tours through some of the Workbook's scenarios and answer any questions you may have during the session.
  • Every Workbook owner will have 24/7 access to a Support forum at Certification ZONE monitored daily by the staff of both Hello Computers and
  • If you don't already subscribe to when you purchase the Workbook, you'll get a free 1-month subscription so you can also use the ZONE's excellent CCIE-level Study Guides as a reference. We'll activate your Zone Subscription on the same day we ship your new Workbook. (Note: If you do subscribe to the ZONE you get a $50 discount off price of Workbook)
  • At the end of this year, all Workbook Owners will receive an Update for their Workbook and only be charged shipping and handling.

Pricing and Discounts Available
The Workbook sells for $495, plus shipping.
You can also purchase the Workbook with 24 Hours of access to Hello Computers remote racks for $645.

Early-Bird Discount
The Workbook is nearing completion and Hello Computers expects to begin shipping on or around August 15, 2002. If you reserve and pay for your copy before we have then, you'll receive a $50 early-bird discount off the above prices.

ZONE Subscriber Discount
All active ZONE Subscribers receive a $50 discount off the above prices. That means active ZONE Subscribers who also take advantage of the early-bird special can qualify for a full $100 worth of discounts.

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Order just Workbook for $495, plus shipping and recieve a $50 early bird discount

Subscribers Ordering the CCIE Lab Exam Workbook before 8/15:

Order Workbook with 24 hrs of rack time for $649, plus shipping and receive a $50 early bird discount as well as a $50 Zone Subscriber discount
Order just Workbook for $495, plus shipping and receive a $50 early bird discount as well as a $50 Zone Subscriber discount

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