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Genium's Handbook of Safety, Health, and Environmental Data

  • 4,500 Chemical profiles summarizing frequently-needed information
  • Includes links to corresponding MSDSs and container labels from Genium's MSDS Collection
  • A super-fast search engine locates the profile, MSDS, or label you want in seconds using over 87,000 chemical designations.
The Genium Handbook of Safety, Health, and Environmental Data summarizes the most frequently needed hazard, health, and environmental data for over 4,500 of the most commonly used workplace chemicals. The information for each chemical is presented in a unique, extremely easy-to-read Chemical Profile format, created by Genium's own material safety data experts. Each profile contains the research data Genium's MSDS writers compile as a starting point when writing a material safety data sheet.

Included are data describing the material (physical data), how it affects the body (toxicity and health hazards), and environmental considerations (including disposal, testing methods, regulations, etc.). You'll find profiles for over 4,500 unique chemicals commonly used in the workplace. Over 100 different fields of data were researched for each material. Included are materials regulated by OSHA and EPA, as well commercially common hazardous materials for which information could be found in the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB) maintained at the National Library of Medicine by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Finding the information you need is quick and easy. Six different indices are provided - chemical name (87,500 designations); CAS, DOT, RTECS, and EINECS numbers, and by simplified molecular formula.

Look at a sample profile for Acetone (pdf)

Look at a sample profile for Calcium Chloride (pdf)

Look at a sample profile for Ethylene Oxide (pdf)

What data are available in the profiles? (pdf)

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Available in hardcopy and CD-ROM

The Genium Handbook is available as a three-volume set of books, packaged with the CD-ROM edition. The CD-ROM is also available for purchase separately. The books are not sold separately. Consult the price chart below.

Handbook of Safety, Health and Environmental Data Book and CD-ROM
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