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I already use Sax's Dangerous Properties. Do I really need the Handbook?

What truly separates Genium's new reference from other generic chemical references like Sax's Dangerous Properties is the amount of information presented for each chemical and the relevance of that information to your needs. Profiles in Genium's Handbook include environmental and analytical testing methods; Sax's listings do not. Genium's Handbook includes respirator recommendations; Sax's does not. The RTECs data citations found in Genium's Handbook are presented in a much more user-friendly format than you'll find in Sax. Genium's Handbook also includes convenient hazard summarizations like hazard pictograms and fire diamond ratings. You won't find these in Sax either. For a full comparison, check out the chart below:

For a full comparison, check out the chart below:

Genium's Handbook of Safety, Health and Environmental Data: Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials, 9th Edition:
Contains 96 fields of data Contains 45 fields of data
5,000 pages 3,435 pages (45% less)
Extensive listings averaging one material per page Brief listings averaging 5-6 materials per page
RTECS data is straight-forward and easy-to-read Cryptic summaries to bibliographic references
European EINECS number Does not include
Pictograms for hazard statements and target organs Text only hazard statements, no target organs
Fire Diamond Does not include
Six search indices: chemical name and synonym, CAS, DOT, RTECS, or EINECS numbers, and chemical formula Three search indices: chemical name and synonym, DOT or CAS numbers only
Chemical structure Does not include
Additional physical properties such as specific gravity, bulk density, freezing point, odor threshold, pH, surface tension, relative evaporation rate, critical temperature, critical pressure, and ionization potential Does not include
Detailed health, fire, and reactivity overviews Brief, truncated description for a single hazard overview
Respirator recommendations for up to five exposure ranges Does not include
Extensive environmental data including ecotoxicity, environmental fate, clean-up/disposal, environmental physical data, applicable regulations, and environmental analytical testing methods Does not include
Brand new - contains most current data Book published in 1996

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