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Lectures on Wastewater Analysis and Interpretation

Lectures on Wastewater Analysis and Interpretation provides the background information necessary for the Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification exam given by the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) and other licensing or certification authorities. Gathered from widely scattered sources, it pulls together all of the required study areas into one convenient guide. Where other guide books merely contain sample questions and answers, this text details the complete background needed and includes a structured course outline to help readers map out a practical approach to their study effort.

Based on an ongoing 40-hour lecture series presented by the author, the book covers instrument testing methods and examines over 25 traditional testing parameters. Additional material on regulatory framework, QA/QC concerns, and data interpretation is included as well.

Also useful as a general training program for laboratory analysts.

Most students coming out of college today spend more time in lecture halls and in front of computers, instead of in the lab. Many have no formal training in analytical chemistry. To get new employees up to speed, it is incumbent upon labs to provide training in the area of laboratory technique, safety and chemical hygiene, regulatory requirements, and quality control. In some cases, a refresher in chemistry technique is needed to help analysts spot symptoms that indicate a test is not working properly.

Using this book in either a structured lecture series or as a stand-alone self-study guide will help new employees gain the practical knowledge they need to function effectively in today's lab. Even seasoned veterans can pick up useful nuggets of information from it.

How much do you know?

If you're getting ready to sit for your exam, try out our sample questions. Patterned after those found on the actual exam, they'll give you a bench mark to measure your knowledge. Bookmark this page as we'll be rotating in new questions each month.

Lectures On Wastewater Analysis and Interpretation Table of Contents (pdf)

Complete Lecture 15 (pdf)

Lectures in Wastewater Analysis and Interpretation
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