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Wastewater Laboratory Analyst
Certification Exam Practice Questions

These questions are based on Lecture #1, Regulatory Framework. Questions based on subsequent chapters will follow.

Question #1
Within the federal government, the following branch generates laws:

a) Congress
b) Office of the President
c) Supreme Court
d) Library of Congress

Answer and Explanation

Question #2
The law that governs wastewater analysis is:

(a) Safe Drinking Water Act
(b) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
(c) Clean Water Act
(d) Federal Water Pollution Control Act

Answer and Explanation

Question #3
Within the federal agency that develops wastewater regulations, the Office that is responsible for the wastewater programs is:

(a) Office of Enforcement
(b) Office of Research and Development
(c) Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
(d) Office of Water

Answer and Explanation

Question #4
Compliance monitoring analysis of wastewater:

(a) can be performed by any method
(b) can be performed by any method in Standard Methods
(c) can be performed by any method in the 18th Edition of Standard Methods
(d) can be performed by any method listed in 40 CFR 136

Answer and Explanation

Question #5
Allowed methods of analysis of heptachlor in wastewater include:

(a) EPA 8081
(b) EPA 608
(c) SM 6630 B & C
(d) ASTM D3086-90

Answer and Explanation

Question #6
The legal responsibility for insuring that the approved methods of analysis have been used to generate data lies with:

(a) the laboratory
(b) the EPA
(c) the person who signs the DMR
(d) the state agency issuing the permit

Answer and Explanation

Question #7
The approved methods of analysis under the industrial pre-treatment program are:

(a) any EPA method
(b) any method
(c) any method in Standard Methods
(d) only those methods approved by the permitting authority

Answer and Explanation

Question #8
The analytical contents of the wastewater Pollutant list:

(a) are set by EPA and are constant from state to state
(b) varies from state to state
(c) are based upon section 301(a)(1) of the CWA
(d) are also what are termed characteristics of hazardous waste

Answer and Explanation

Question #9
Oil & Grease is an example of:

(a) a non-conventional pollutant
(b) a conventional pollutant
(c) a toxic pollutant
(d) a regular pollutant

Answer and Explanation

Question #10
The following are toxic pollutants:

(a) BOD5
(b) Mercury
(c) Pentachlorophenol
(d) Phosphorus

Answer and Explanation

Question #11
40 CFR 434 contains:

(a) the NPDES permit for the copper mining industrial group
(b) air emission standards for the petroleum refining industrial group
(c) effluent pre-treatment standards for the coal mining industrial group
(d) stormwater run-off standards for the pharmaceutical industrial group

Answer and Explanation

Question #12
Disposal of biosolids is covered under:

(a) 40 CFR 258
(b) 40 CFR 136
(c) 40 CFR 503
(d) 40 CFR 160

Answer and Explanation

Question #13
The proper collection and preservation for samples collected for mercury analysis is:

(a) collect in a Mason® jar and send to the lab
(b) collect in a pre-cleaned glass or polyethylene container
(c) add acid
(d) add nitric acid to pH <2

Answer and Explanation

Question #14
The following parameters should never be sent to a commercial laboratory because of maximum holding time violations:

(a) sulfate
(b) dissolved oxygen
(c) sulfite
(d) residual chlorine

Answer and Explanation

Question #15
The Federal Register is published:

(a) every day
(b) every federal business day
(c) each day that Congress is in session
(d) once a year

Answer and Explanation

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