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The Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods, 5th Edition

EAM5 will be available in early-April

The newest edition of the industry standard reference, the Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods, 5th Edition incorporates the EPA's inorganic and organic methods as well as preparative and sampling procedures. This latest version of the Guide has been thoroughly updated and aggregates the latest and most important methods required by several major environmental statutes. The Guide includes method detection limits, calibration techniques, QC requirements, analytes, sample storage, sample preservation, instrumentation, field sampling requirements, and summaries of the key parameters from environmental methods. What makes the Guide unique is that it's designed to allow you to find information quickly and contains features like a tabular reference of analytes that denotes the methods that are acceptable for each chemical listed. A glossary of terms and abbreviations as well as an EPA regulatory contact directory are included.

The Guide's lineage is based on the EPA's Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory's Variability in Protocols and is designed to serve as a reference for personnel performing QA audits, for lab and environmental managers reviewing or developing QA Project Plans, and for field personnel who need guidance in sampling protocol.

The Guide Delivers Tremendous Benefits.

The Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods synthesizes information from many methods, making it convenient for laboratories and field sampling personnel to find the information they need. Here's how using the Guide can benefit your operation:
  • Saves time spent searching through lengthy methods
  • Quickly compares the capabilities and requirements of each method
  • Simplifies the decision-making process regarding which method to use
  • Invaluable reference for preparing QA audits and developing QA Project Plans
  • Answers questions by field sampling personnel on sample amount, container, and preservative
  • Serves as an invaluable starting point in training lab personnel about environmental methodology
  • Useful as a bench reference to supplement more detailed information found in other volumes
  • Supplies quick answers to clients' routine questions
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The Methods Comparisons provide a wealth of information (pdf)
What's new in the Fifth Edition?

Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods 5th Edition
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