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OSI Reference Model Pocket Guide
By Howard Berkowitz

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model is the basis for much of modern networking. It is a layered model under which all networking protocols and services are defined. Many attempts at explaining OSI become too abstract and require a very high level of network design knowledge and experience to even begin to understand. Written by Howard Berkowitz, this 55-page pocket guide presents a more practical, user-friendly examination of the topic. He effectively utilizes real-life experiences, analogies, and humor to clear up some of the most common confusions and misconceptions associated with the OSI Reference.

OSI Refernece Model Pocket Guide

    I. Introduction
    II. Standards Bodies and Networking
    III. What's A Layer
    IV. So Why Layer?
    V. The OSI Layers
    VI. Practical Layering
    VII. Representative Protocols at Various Layers
      A. Application
      B. Presentation
      C. Session
      D. Transport
      E. Network
        1) Hierarchical Addressing
        2) Hierarchical Routing in the Telephone Network
        3) Routers
      F. Data Link
      G. Physical
    VIII. Congestion and Flow Control
      A. Buffering
      B. Source Quench
      C. Windowing
    IX. Conclusions
    X. Questions
    XI. Answers & Explanations

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