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Study Questions 2003 for the Cisco® CCNP™ Exam

Study Questions 2003 for the Cisco® CCNP™ Exam contains a database of nearly 1400 questions that were written, reviewed, and edited by Certification Zone's team of Cisco certified experts in order to help prepare you for the Cisco CCNP BSCI, Switching, Remote Access, and Support Exams. Each question is designed to be a grueling test of your knowledge of the technical topics found on the CCNP Exams. What makes each of Certification Zone's challenging questions even more unique, is that lucid and comprehensive explanations are included to ensure you truly understand the topic at hand.

The CD boasts customizable features that allow you to choose how to concentrate your study efforts. In addition to individual study questions, the 2003 CD-ROM comes with testing software that enables you to dynamically generate your own unique, full-length practice exams. Plus, you also have the ability to create your own personalized study sessions by technical topic, so that you can focus on a specific subject area instead of the entire exam.

Besides being developed by an unparalleled team of real world IOS experts, the CD-ROM also comes with a money back guarantee. In fact, Certification Zone guarantees that if you can pass our CCNP Practice Exams, you will assuredly pass Cisco's CCNP BSCI, Switching, Remote Access, and Support Exams. So, if you are looking to pass Cisco's CCNP Exams, then order Study Questions 2003 today!

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