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Collection of Routing & Switching Lab Exercises for CCNA

Collection of Routing & Switching Lab Exercises
for the Cisco® CCNA™ Exam

This collection contains the challenging configuration and design exercises needed to prepare for the CCNA exam. It contains 21 configuration, case-study, and troubleshooting exercises that address the major areas found on Cisco CCNA exam including, Basic Router Operation, Bridging & Switching, IP Routing Protocols, WAN Protocols, and Non-IP Routing Protocols.

The exercises found in the CCNA Collection have been developed by Certification Zone's team of 27 highly skilled networking professionals who are committed to providing world class Cisco certification study resources. These exercises are designed so that users develop and refine the configuration skills necessary to be successful with the router simulation and case-study problems found on Cisco's CCNA exam.

The Collection comes with a CD-ROM that includes appropriate initial and solution configs. The CD also includes color graphics such as network diagrams that play an integral part in understanding many of the labs. Each exercise is also cross referenced to the applicable Cisco exam blueprint(s) and includes the hardware topology necessary to complete the scenario.

Since Cisco is continually making its CCNA Routing & Switching exams more challenging, this 154-page Collection is a must-have.

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