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Lab Workbook for the Cisco® Security Specialist (CSS1)™ Certification Exam
By Hello Computers

Even though Cisco's CSS1 certification has been retired and now has been supplanted by the new CCSP certification, the fact of the matter is that many of the security topics remain on the new CCSP exams.

Hello Computers' CSS1 Lab Workbook covers topics such as Managing Cisco Network Security (MCNS), Cisco PIX Firewall Advanced, Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks (CSVPN), and Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System (CSIDS) - all of which are major areas of focus on the CCSP exams. What makes this CSS1 lab workbook unique is that it not only provides hands-on lab exercises necessary to understand the security technologies found on Cisco's CCSP exams, but it also provides extensive coverage of the theory behind these security technologies. In fact, this workbook's extensive coverage of security topics makes it highly relevant to the design and development of security features for real world networks.

The Lab Workbook for the Cisco® Security Specialist (CSS1)™ Certification Exam was developed by the Cisco certified technical team of Hello Computers under the direction of Keyur Shah, CCIE #4799 Security. The workbook contains 16 lab exercises that require you to design, install, and support Cisco security solutions. Each lab exercise is designed to work on the same physical rack setup and contains core sections consisting of basic router configuration, HDLC, WAN, EIGRP, and basic switching. Network diagrams showing the topology necessary to complete each lab exercise as well as answers are provided. In addition, all workbook purchasers receive 24 hours of free access to the rack on which these labs were developed.

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