Access to Independent HazMat Data Just Got Better with Genium's MSDS Collection

June 10, 2023 - Genium Publishing has announced new enhancements to its top-selling independent MSDS Collection in order to better serve the EH&S; community. The MSDS Collection on-line and CD-ROM has just expanded by more than 1,400 MSDSs, bringing the library total to 3,800 reliable and consistent MSDSs. In addition, those customers who need only one or two MSDSs now have the option to purchase a single Material Safety Data Sheet from the Collection.

The enhancements to the MSDS Collection are a part of Genium's commitment to continually improve user access and use of frequently needed chemical safety data. Increasing the size of the MSDS Collection gives users even more material to refer to and the ability to purchase a single sheet fulfills the special need of organizations that are required to have chemical hazard information on hand for only a few chemicals. The new improvements to the MSDS Collection ultimately provides users with more information to make better decisions involving hazardous materials and help them solve critical chemical safety issues.

Michael Cinquanti, Genium's President, stated "Genium's reliable and consistent Collection is now even better and more efficient to use with the addition of 1400 chemicals and single MSDS purchase option." Continued Cinquanti, "Genium's MSDS Collection has been a benchmark reference for thousands of organizations and increasing its size and functionality helps us better attend to the needs of the EH&S; community."

Genium's popular MSDS Collection contains complete, consistent MSDSs that are easier to read than typical vendor-supplied sheets. Genium's MSDSs are independent, unbiased, and contain all of the essential information. Genium 16-section MSDSs are also loaded with features like: NFPA, HMIS, as well as other Hazard Ratings, Hazard Pictograms, Extensive Health Effect Information, Detailed Notes to Physicians, Storage Requirements, AIHA WEEL Values, Structural Chemical Formulas, Environmental Properties, Odor Thresholds, and Decomposition Temperatures. Genium's MSDSs are chemical information tools designed for use by all people dealing with a chemical, including emergency responders, environmental consultants, shipping personnel, safety and health professionals, and community emergency managers.

The MSDS Collection is available on-line and on CD-ROM. CD-ROM purchasers receive complimentary on-line access to the Collection which is found at the HazMat ZONE, In addition to the entire library of Genium MSDSs, the HazMat ZONE includes frequently needed HazMat data and tools, like Chemical Hazard Overviews, which provide a convenient snapshot of each material's significant health and physical hazards, a MSDS Glossary, and regularly issued HazMat Tutorials. Genium's entire MSDS Collection and individual MSDSs are available for sale at the HazMat ZONE website.

Genium Publishing Corporation is located in Amsterdam, New York. The company is a 1984 spin-off of the General Electric Company that publishes information products to help make the workplace safer, more productive and more professional. For additional information on Genium visit it website at or call (800) 243-6486.

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