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December 04, 2022 - The new HazMat ZONE at puts a valuable and constantly expanding collection of frequently needed chemical safety data just a click of the mouse away. The data available at HazMat ZONE is expressly designed to help users make more informed decisions involving hazardous materials, help them solve critical chemical safety issues, and ultimately do their jobs more effectively.

The inaugural version of the HazMat ZONE website launched by Genium, a pioneer in chemical safety publishing, offers access to an expansive collection of user-friendly HazMat data resources. These resources include over 2,400 of Genium's well-respected Material Safety Data Sheets addressing hazardous chemicals. Genium's MSDSs are considered much more comprehensive than sheets distributed by chemical vendors and are easily understood. Genium's MSDSs are chemical information tools designed for use by all people dealing with a chemical, including emergency responders, environmental consultants, shipping personnel, safety and health professionals, and community emergency managers.

In addition to the MSDSs, HazMat ZONE also includes Chemical Hazard Overviews, which provide a convenient snapshot of each material's significant health and physical hazards. Visitors to the site will also be able to search Genium's comprehensive on-line glossary of hazardous materials related terms and acronyms. Every month, Genium will invite HazMat experts to share their specific area of expertise with the ZONE's user community, via tutorials that convey success proven methodologies for performing critical HazMat related tasks. The first three Tutorials at HazMat ZONE address how to "Prepare Effective Chemical Container Labels", "Effectively Administer First Aid for the Chemically Injured", and "Reading and Understanding MSDSs".

HazMat ZONE will be the first place your employees visit when they have a question or problem that involves hazardous materials.", said Genium President, Michael Cinquanti. "Every month we'll add more data and tools to the ZONE. In addition to new Tutorials, we also plan to add over 1,000 new MSDSs to the HazMat ZONE this spring. We'll also ask our user community to contribute their HazMat expertise to the site via the HazMat discussion forum that will be activated in the near future."

There will be two levels of user access available at the new HazMat ZONE. ZONE Membership will be free and ZONE Members will enjoy time-limited access to some but not all of the site's HazMat Data Resources. Paid ZONE Subscriptions are also available in three-month ($79) or twelve-month ($159) increments. ZONE Subscribers will enjoy unrestricted access to all areas of the site during their subscription period.

"We've worked very hard to make access to HazMat ZONE affordable enough so that every organization that encounters HazMat issues in their day-to-day operation could subscribe." explained Cinquanti. "We've made Membership free and full-access is available at a cost less than what most people spend on a cup of coffee every day. That makes it possible for any workplace, emergency response organization, law enforcement agency, HazMat response team, school, hospital, environmental consulting firm, or fire department to benefit from the information at the site, regardless of their size or budget."

Genium Publishing Corporation is located in Amsterdam, New York. The company is a 1984 spin-off of the General Electric Company that publishes information products to help make the workplace safer, more productive and more professional. For additional information on Genium visit it website at or call (800) 243-6486.

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