CertificationZone.com debuts new version of popular web site

AMSTERDAM, NY - March 17, 2023 - With membership approaching 25,000 users, the rapidly expanding CertificationZone.com launched the second version of its popular website on February 13, 2001. The new site includes expanded and added features and offers more value for its core subscriber base of networking professionals pursuing the CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ certifications offered by Cisco Systems®.

Genium Publishing Corporation introduced the original CertificationZone.com website in October 1999. Genium's President, Mike Cinquanti, had been monitoring the networking reference marketplace carefully, looking to come up with an alternative product that addressed the weaknesses of existing offerings.

"Most of the certification reference products we researched were written by one or maybe two people. We found it extremely difficult to accept that one person could both know enough and write well enough to adequately address all of the topics and technologies a Cisco® certification involves." Cinquanti explained. "Sure enough, users of those products confirmed our doubts by reporting both technical and editorial weaknesses."

Cinquanti's concept for CertificationZone.com was to find experts in each of the certification topics and technologies to help candidates for those certifications better understand them. "We developed a robust Study Guide format to address each topic," continued Cinquanti. "Our users read the tutorial portion of our Study Guides to find out what they need to know about a specific certification topic. They use the Study Questions and Lab Scenario portions of the Study Guide to assess their knowledge level of each topic."

At the new version of CertificationZone.com, there are 32 Study Guides in the Site's Reference Library with new Study Guides added each month. CertificationZone.com users can now sort them by the certification of interest, using a new CCNA™, CCNP™, and CCIE™ Study Shortcuts feature.

The new site also offers Practice Exams that simulate Cisco's CCIE™ and CCNA™ written exams. The exams are refreshed each month and Genium plans to add practice tests that simulate the CCNP™ series of written exams in the future.

Another new feature at the site is the introduction of "Metapapers." Many of the topics addressed on Cisco's® exams are also covered in the certification objectives of companies like Nortel® and Juniper®. The Metapapers expand the scope of an individual Study Guide to include these non-Cisco® platforms.

The Technical Director of CertificationZone.com is Howard Berkowitz, one of the top network architects in the country and an accomplished author. Other ZONE contributors include five CCIE's™ (Cisco® Certified Networking Experts) and several CCSI's™ (Certified Cisco® Systems Instructors).

Membership at CertificationZone.com is free. Site Members are given one month's access to portions of each new Study Guide. Subscribers to the site enjoy unlimited access to all of the site's Study Guides and may take every Practice Exam posted at CertificationZone.com during their subscription terms. Twelve, six, and three-month subscriptions are available.

Genium Publishing Corporation publishes information products to help make the work place safer, more productive, and more professional. The company is a 1984 spin-off of the General Electric Company and is located in Amsterdam, New York. The company and its products are not in any way affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Cisco® Systems, Inc. For additional information on Genium, or the CertificationZone.com products the company publishes, visit its websites at CertificationZone.com and Genium Publishing Corp or call (877) CCIE-NOW.

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