Newest Release of Popular CD-ROM Targets Needs of Environmental Testing Laboratories

AMSTERDAM, NY - February 10, 2023 - Amsterdam, NY -- Genium Publishing, a leading provider of comprehensive environmental references, has announced the release of a new CD-ROM aimed at making environmental testing even easier. The newest version of the popular and practical Understanding Environmental Methods CD-ROM is designed to help laboratory, engineering, and field sampling personnel locate, understand, evaluate, and comply with analytical testing methods.

Dealing with a wide array of new and challenging questions stemming from regulatory changes is a struggle. Genium's Understanding Environmental Methods CD-ROM eases this struggle by compiling previously disparate information and aggregating it for the benefit of those seeking a central point for environmental analysis questions. Understanding Environmental Methods CD-ROM Version 3 is an expanded compendium of Genium's top-selling environmental books along with the full text of the EPA analytical methods.

The CD-ROM links information from the following Genium environmental reference volumes: the Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods, 4th edition which helps users select the most appropriate testing method for over 500 common analytes; the Handbook of Environmental Analysis, 4th edition which explains the chemistry behind the methods; Interpretation of Organic Data, which illuminates the principles of quality assurance and quality control; Lectures on Wastewater Analysis and Interpretation, which is the practical study guide for the Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Exam; Environmental Laboratory Data Evaluation which provides an overview of quality control and quality assurance programs to ensure the integrity of the resulting data. In addition, there are links to the full text of the EPA methods discussed in each book.

The sophisticated technology on this CD-ROM provides highly focused search results and immediate access to relevant information. The Understanding Environmental Methods CD-ROM makes it is possible to look up an analyte and determine the most suitable testing method, to find additional information on the method's chemistry, to uncover the proper QC checks, and to insure the integrity of the data derived. All five books are linked electronically enabling users to seamlessly search from volume to volume and to the full text of the corresponding EPA method. Users can also electronically cut and paste material from the CD-ROM into their own documents.

In making this exciting new product announcement, Genium President Michael Cinquanti emphasized the tremendous advantages and timesaving benefits of this product. "Each book on this CD-ROM was developed to help environmental professionals find information quickly and easily. We essentially boil down huge volumes of data to the most practical and widely needed essentials. This CD-ROM is a natural extension of that philosophy and allows us to include the more lengthy methods as a reference for those users who need access to the full, original texts. Moreover, this CD-ROM fits within many institutions research and budget requirements, making it uniquely suited to provide answers and solutions for environmental testing."

Genium Publishing Corporation is located in Amsterdam, New York. The company is a 1984 spin-off of the General Electric Company that publishes information products to help make the workplace more productive and more professional. For additional information on Genium visit it website at or call (800) 243-6486.

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