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September 9th, 2003
Segmenting a Network Using LAN Switches

LAN switching offers network administrators a simple way to increase bandwidth availability to end users, providing dedicated bandwidth on each switch port. Leigh Anne Chisholm discusses the segmenting of networks using LAN switches.

View "Segmenting a Network Using LAN Switches"
A Tutorial excerpt from LAN Switching by Leigh Anne Chisholm

OSPF Protocol Mechanisms

Certification Zone Technical Director, Howard Berkowitz, discusses protocol elements that you can actually configure or that need to be understood as part of troubleshooting.

View "OSPF Protocol Mechanisms"
A Tutorial excerpt from OSPF I: OSPF in Single Areas: Learning the Protocol by Howard Berkowitz

Interview with the Author - Galina Pildush

Galina is a CCIE who authored the Layer 3 VPNs Tutorial, Study Quiz, and Lab Exercise that debuted at the Zone on August 1, 2003. In this week's interview, Galina discusses the importance of understanding L3VPNs and why L3VPN offerings can be a great business opportunity for ISPs.

View "Interview with the Author - Galina Pildush"

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