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May 27th, 2003
Principles of Redistribution

When redistributing routes, a number of issues must be resolved in order to create a stable, efficient network. You need to plan carefully, taking into consideration several factors to insure a well thought-out strategy. In most real-world cases, you will probably configure hierarchical, rather than mutual redistribution, and even then you will likely not redistribute all routes from one domain to the other. However, to do well on the CCIE exam you should be thoroughly familiar with both hierarchical and mutual redistribution and the techniques for controlling how routes are redistributed from one domain to another...

View Principles of Redistribution
A Tutorial excerpt from Interior Route Redistribution by John Neiberger & Ronald Trunk

Managing Network Operations

In last week's Zone newsletter Annlee Hines showed us how to configure an individual router and manage traffic on it. This week, Annlee takes a look at managing the network.

View Managing Network Operations
A Tutorial excerpt from Network Management by Annlee Hines

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